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Social Welfare Policies and Employment Essay Sample

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Social Welfare Policies and Employment Essay Sample

            It is the inherent task of the government to preserve the quality of human life. The leaders should lead the nation towards the betterment of the peoples and improving their current state of living. One of the means of the government that is utilized to sustain the better quality of human life is providing good and effective social welfare policies.

Social welfare pertains to the social services that are provided by the state for the benefit of the citizens or the whole population (“Social Welfare”, 2008). The social welfare aspect of the government is devised to immediately provide and attend to the needs of the citizens. This may be in form of health, education and employment.

            Employment is only one of the social services provided by the state. The state may be directly or indirectly assist people in their employment needs. Some of the social welfare policies formulated by the state may fall in the aspect of employment. Employment is a form of human capital investment that the state can benefit from. It can be in the form of mutual relationship between the state and its constituents.

            Some of the policies that were developed to assist the working class were the mandatory separation pay when an employee was laid off from his or her job and pension plans given by both government and private sectors for the protection and benefit of their employees. The state also provides social insurance that is for the benefit of the people who are in need.

Countries are improving the aspect of their social welfares and provide more effective social services such as on health and education to assist the people in retaining their jobs or finding new ones. Some of the countries nowadays are investing much on the human capital and generating more jobs due to current financial crisis that are threatening the global economy and some of the economies of various states.


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