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Socialization has many different parts that can be complex and effects our behavior, attitudes and cultural beliefs. Attitude is just one of the parts of socialization that effects each person and the contributing factors are affects also known as emotions, behavior or actions and cognitions which is also thoughts. Each has a role in deciding a person’s attitude, For example, Sam hates classical music (emotion) and thinks it makes him look weak (cognitive) so and avoids all classical music (actions).

The role of prejudice in social interaction is huge, although we might not be aware of it culture has an influence on our prejudice. Prejudice is not just about racial prejudice as what is thought of normally but also to different types of stuff like music, religion, computers and food. People constantly make prejudice choices like for example, when talking about apple and Microsoft computers some feel strong about one of them and like to argue about it while others unknowingly prefer one over the other. Aggression also has a role in social interaction and that would be seeing aggressive acts by others could unconsciously make someone else act or feel more or less aggressive. For example, after an action packed movie or a UFC fight we watched live, that can tend to make people feel more aggressive toward one another.

The acceptance of aggression and violence in movies and in school can also make people act in way that is acceptable in our culture and that same behavior might not be acceptable in other cultures. The role of attraction in social interactions has three contributing factors that are competence, proximity and physical attraction. Friends and partners are based on attraction to one another, people want to be friends with people that are as competent as they are and proximity also contributes to friends like if someone lives an hour away and someone that is next door, the chances are that the neighbors would be closer friends cause of the ease and the connection felt because of the proximity.

A person’s behavior can be influenced greatly by just being in a group, like if there are certain customs or standards that are expected when being around a certain group that could influence a person to try to meet that standard. Conformity and obedience is different in the aspect that conformity is someone’s own motivation to adhere to a certain standard or appearance. Conformity can also be many individuals acts and thinking as one, or uniform with each other. Obedience is changing because someone tells us to and is not because of the motivation of the individual but because it is expected because we are told.

The role of social psychology in the workplace environment is important and understanding social psychology can give people a great advantage to others. People could see how and why people do certain things in a workplace and what is expected by observing others and learning and conforming. This knowledge of social psychology can help people gain success by recognizing a group’s standards or social interactions and conforming to them to gain a social advantage.

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