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Research article that I choose is Sociology of Religion. For me this research is something very interesting. With this article I learn what is connection between sociology and religion. In article Soul of China I found many interesting information so I decided to write my assignments based on this article. Author of this paper has personal experience with situation in China witch is for me more convincing.

After I found an article that caught my attention, I decided to write my assignment based on this document. This text is about the country that has a different sociological structure then the sociological structure what we have in the U.S. and the whole Western world. From this text we could learn a lot about how China and the Chinese people look at religion at the present time. One interesting aspect is to see how fast the Chinese social structure changes. The information that is very interesting is when a Chinese girl tries to explain that today’s world has changed a lot and that her parents do not realize that and they are still thinking in some stream cliché. The girl is also a little skeptical about what is happening in today’s social environment. Since I’ve lived in China for two years and I was a witness to many of these things that are discussed in this article, I can say that religion is very present in China today. Many of these social and religious aspects are getting reborn in China and many Chinese people see this as something very interesting.

Another interesting issue that can be read is the comparison of the communist system and the Christian religion. The author compares Karl Marks with God and Mao Zedong with Jesus Christ. In addition, the Promised Land was told to be equal to the promised prosperity in a communist version. This shows how people in communist countries view their leaders, which is similar how Christians view Jesus. The additional information that is not in this text is how North Korea’s time is measured from the day when their first communist leader was born which is similar to how Christians measure the time from the day when Jesus Christ was born.

From this paper we can see a religious structure and religious development in China today and, as the author says, there is currently a spiritual war and spiritual crossroads for many religions. We can precisely say that the sociology and religion in China have formed and are trying to fit into the new Chinese environment currently occurring there. In one part, the author explains the fear in people when they talk about religion. For example, when a student asked the author whether he was Christian, the author was in a situation where he was not sure what or how to answer. This indicates that the situation there is not yet ripe for a new view of the world and religion. In this paper I figured out that religion in China is allowed only in some traditional Buddhist form and everything else is still in doubt and still unknown.

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