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Sociology of Typhoon Katrina Essay Sample

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Sociology of Typhoon Katrina Essay Sample

Optimism sustained in the city because of their love for their place. People have already developed sentimentality and became attached to their homes. Each person mentioned in the article had their own definition of the situation. For one, it is the resistance of evacuation. For another, it is about recording history. Robert Barnes defined it as “tornadoes”. For one, leaving means a homecoming to the San Francisco, and to the other, it is an exile. For Brian Molere, the disaster was about the loss of a loved one.

According to the symbolic interaction theory, people interact through shared meaning acquired in symbols. People interacting with others produce meanings, through sharing of interpretations of symbols (“Symbolic Interaction”, n. d. ). People who share the same sentiments have the tendency to stick together when in time of need. Socialization could explain why some people would still prefer not to relocate. Going Home to New Orleans The author’s view of New Orleans changed from the impressions of his youth. Back then, he saw New Orleans as “a city that care forgot”.

He was already aware of the corruption and other negative things about that city. However, after the storm, he saw it as wasteland. The streets were nearly deserted and a lot of things that were there before disappeared. New Orleans was a city of corruption as the author had stated. He described the city as a slow moving, decaying, and sleepy, only waking up during parties. The author’s press pass was a golden ticket for those who want to get out of the city. He was part of the press. It gave him access to get out of 1-10. The press pass was also a status symbol.

He was a media person. Victim of Police Beating Says He Was Sober After Katrina practically destroyed New Orleans, police officers in the streets were replaced by the military and other authorities. This may have sort of thrown the NOPD out of the picture, causing their decline as figures of authority in the area. Collective behavior may have contributed to the act. This is in consideration that these officers have been together in the job for a long time. There is also a possibility that the accused us a victim of racial profiling.

Although the article did not explore further such angle, it may still be possible. Another Storm Surge: The Unemployed An employment program to solve unemployment is possible in solving the economic storm surge brought about by typhoon Katrina. This is similar to the Work Projects Administration during the time of President Roosevelt. Factors such as the “unexpected” change in climate may have contributed to the overlooking of this area. Environmental issues such as global warming have put these areas to insecurity, more so that these places constitute major economic segments of the country.

Oil and gasoline are primary needs in maintaining the economy of a nation. The prices of these commodities would greatly affect the country because these are necessities for everybody. Katrina’s Victims Remain Largely Nameless This situation largely affects my life because we develop attachments to people we love. It would be inevitable not to feel any insecurity when it comes to social interactions with people who have not experienced such tragedy. Poverty may have a factor in the low pressure on authorities because loved ones of those who died would have to tend to their lives first.

But then, the fact that people were scattered during the storm may have greatly contributed to the difficulty of identifying the bodies. The authorities may have a hidden agenda as to why they do not want to adopt Mississippi’s methods of identifying the bodies. This can be an example of social construction of reality in a sense that the people are made to believe that it is more difficult to identify bodies in Louisiana because it has sustained flooding and advanced decomposition. Gulf Coast Jews Struggle to Mark New Year Displacement from the Jews’ local communities would affect their worship traditions since they are already scattered.

The distance would lessen interactions and to some, even failure to attend holy traditions and rituals. Inability to celebrate their faith would give them a new perception of reality. When before they would see to it that they strictly follow religious traditions, now, their inability would change the way they would view their religion. The recovery of the Torah scrolls is symbolic of hope and the restoration of the Jewish culture in the area. In a situation filled with tragedy, people look forward to a sign that will give them the ability to recover from it. Some are Found, All are Lost

The government should provide counseling and other medical and psychological services to the children affected by typhoon Katrina. If the government invests in these measures, the possibility that these children would end up I prison would decrease. In return, the country would experience order in the near future, which will make it safe for all the other aspects of society to flourish. It would be easy to blame the government in these types of issues because the government symbolizes order and stability. Living Too Much in the Bubble The president is surrounded by people who tend to pacify the intensity of the information.

This causes the administration not fully understand the damage, in this case, typhoon Katrina. Aides to the president said that only the most important matters are delivered to the president and the rest is being left to the bureaucracy to manage. Levels of the bureaucracy hindered assistance to the victims of Katrina because of politics and partitions in the government. However, there is no evidence to suggest that race and poverty were an issue in the post storm activity. It might be possible that the intensity of the situation was not made aware to the president by his aides.

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