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Software Requirements Specification Essay Sample

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Software Requirements Specification Essay Sample


1 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to describe all external requirements for online job portal. It also describes the interfaces for the system.

3 Project Scope

The scope this product is to provide a system where
• The job seekers will have an easy access to the different opportunities available in the IT world ,apart from those that are available through the campus placements • The recruiters will have access to a quality candidate poll

4 References

The website referred for this project is : http://www.w3schools.com/

Overall Description

1 Product Perspective

The Online Job Portal System is a package to be used by agencies to improve the efficiency of business. The Online Job Portal System to be developed benefits greatly the members. The system provides jobs catalogue and information to members and helps them decide on the jobs to apply. The Admin can keep the jobs catalogue updated all the time so that the members (Job seekers and the agencies) get the updated information all the time.

2 Product Features

The Online Job Portal System provides online real time information about the jobs available in the agencies and the user information. The functions of the system include

• The member should be provided with the updated information about the jobs catalog • Provisions for the members to apply the job they want, if all the other required rules hold good. • The member is given a provision to check his account information and change the account information any time in the given valid period. • The members are provided with the jobs available roster and allowed to apply job, which they want. • The admin can get the information about the members who have advertised jobs.

3 User Classes and Characteristics

The Online job portal consists of mainly three types of user classes. They are : jobseeker
• Jobseeker can upload their resumes and search for the jobs required for them • Employer can upload the jobs vacant at their company and search for the candidates suitable for them • Admin manages the site

4 Operating Environment

• Supports all windows operating system versions
• Supports all web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer • It is platform independent because we are developing in java environment

5 Design and Implementation Constraints

The system should be built in modular way which ensures that component functionalities can be adjusted, added, improved, removed or exchanged without impacting the application as a whole

6 User Documentation

• Manual will be provided with step by step instructions such that user can easily use the product • A short tutorial video explaining how to use product will also be provided

7 Assumptions and Dependencies

• The computer should have internet connection and Internet server capabilities. • The users know the English language, as the interface will be provided in English.

System Features

1 Authenticating Users

3.1.1 Description and Priority

This feature is mainly for security purpose. Users need to log in to the website With a unique user id and password given to them by the administrator if they already registered in the site. Otherwise they have to register themselves with the website. Since it is security based it is given a highest priority

3.1.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

User gives the user id and password and admin checks whether he is a registered user or not .If he is a registered user he will be given permission to access the website.

3.1.3 Functional Requirements

We thought to design the window as an interface. That window consists of GUI components like text boxes and buttons.

REQ-1: Validity with user id and password
1. Purpose/Description: The validity is done with user id and password. 2. Inputs: We need the user details to create an account for that user. 3. Processing: Searching the details are present in the Database or not. 4. Outputs: The user may enter into the site if he is valid user. Otherwise it is redirected to homepage.

3.2 Search for the jobs

3.2.1 Description and Priority

The user searches for different jobs based on several criterian such as qualifications, experience , salary , age, work place, work hours and etc.

3.2.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

User: 1. Give the input as keyword related to the search item. 2. Select the one or more that are suitable.

3.2.3 Functional Requirements

We thought to design the window as an interface. That window consists of GUI components like text boxes and buttons and drop down lists. The page will be divided into panels in which one panel is associated with the GUI components while the other is connected to the database.

REQ-1: Search job by the category
1. Purpose/Description: The user has provided a facility to search by categories such as private sectors, public sectors, IT jobs and
etc. 2. Inputs: User has to select the required one. 3. Processing: Searching the selected one is available in the Database or not. 4. Outputs: The profile of the selected one can be appeared.

3.3 Applying for the job

3.3.1 Description and Priority:
This is the main task of the user to apply for the selected job along with their resumes .

3.3.2 Stimulus and response:

The User applies the job mentioning the details of him and he has to upload the CV(Resume) to the Company and if his qualification is satisfactory he would be notified by the company.

3.3.3 Functional requirements:
For users sake there are some model resumes like templates for the CV which are prepared in Microsoft Word/Note Pad . REQ-1: Uploading Resume
1. Purpose/Description: The user needs to apply for a company along with their CV. 2. Inputs: User uploads the resume .
3. Processing: System checks whether the application is completely filled or not along with resume. 4. Outputs: System displays the Success message if the resume is uploaded correctly otherwise user has to resend it.

3.4 Posting of vacancies by Recruiter

3.4.1 Description and Priority

The admin allows the registered companies to post vacancies in the site. There by the recruiters can select the suitable candidate.

3.4.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

Companies post vacancies in the site by taking the permission from the admin.The applicants can see the posts and apply for them.

3.4.3 Functional Requirements

Here some GUI components such as textboxes and buttons are required to post the jobs and company profiles.

3.5 Selection and Notifications

3.5.1 Description and Priority

The recruiters observe the resumes uploaded and select the suitable members For their companies and send notifications to them for interviews.

3.5.2Stimulus/Response Sequences

The Recruiter sends notifications to the selected candidates for the remaining tests . Jobseekers may go further things if they like the particulars provided by the company.

3.5.3Functional Requirements

We thought to design the window as an interface. That window consists of GUI components like text boxes and buttons. REQ-1: Validating the CV
1. Purpose/Description: The validity is done with the criterian given by company and the qualifications of the applicant. 2. Inputs: It takes the resume as input.
3. Processing: Compares the CV with the requirements of the particular job. 4. Outputs: when the recruiters select right candidate they will notify them.

External Interface Requirements

1 User Interfaces

The user interface we use to make an interaction between user and system is Graphical user Interface (GUI) which is easy to navigate. The advantages of using this interface are • Various information can be displayed and allow user to switch to different task directly from the present screen • Simultaneous operation of several tasks without losing the present content • Provide keyboard shortcut to perform frequently performed tasks • Useful graphical icons and pull down menus reduces typing effort by the user

2 Hardware Interfaces

CPU : Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz
RAM : 512 MB
Hard disk: 2GB

3 Software Interfaces

• Operating Environment: Windows
• DBMS: Mysqlserver
• Web Server: Apache Tomcat.
• Technology: JavaScript, Java Server Pages, HTML, CSS. • JDK 1.5 or later.

4 Communications Interfaces

• The proposed system needs an internet connection on server side • The HTTP protocol will be used to facilitate communication between the client and server.

Other Nonfunctional Requirements

1 Performance Requirements

1.90% of the responses should be within 2 sec
2. Recovery Time
In case of a system failure, redundant system shall resume operations within 30 Seconds.
Average repair time shall be less than 1 hour.
3. Start-up/Shutdown Time
The system shall be operational within 1 minute of starting-up. 4. Capacity
The system accommodates 1000 concurrent users.
5. Utilization of Resources
The system shall store in the database.
If the database grows over this limit, old content shall be backed up and deleted From the operational database

2 Safety Requirements

If there is extensive damage to a wide portion of the database due to catastrophic failure, such as a disk crash, the recovery method restores a past copy of the database that was backed up to archival storage (typically tape) and reconstructs a more current state by reapplying or redoing the operations of committed transactions from the backed up log, up to the time of failure.

3 Security Requirements

Unauthorized access to the system is prevented by giving user id and password’s to the user and we grant privileges to user to access the system according to their designation

4 Software Quality Attributes

• CORRECTNESS: The system should generate appropriate report about different activities of the employers and should keep track of all records.
• MAINTAINABILITY: The system should maintain correct schedules of all job vacancies and resumes of jobseekers • USABILITY: The system should satisfy maximum number of users needs.

Other Requirements

Appendix A: Glossary

• HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language): It is used to create static web pages. • JSP (Java Server Pages): It is used to create dynamic web content. • HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol):It is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser & a Web Server.

Appendix B: Analysis Models
Here we include the use case diagrams , activity diagrams for easy understanding.

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