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This software package is developed from scratch exclusively for the ABC Bank in order to,

• Reduce the overall turn-around time to process loans from the current (average) 10 days per application to (average) 3 days per application.

• Enable the loan applicants to file loan application on-line and subsequently know the status by themselves through secure internet-based
access to ABC Bank’s Loan Management software package.

• Monitor, measure and improve the efficiencies of constituent business activities of the Loan Management business.

• Increase the average number of loan applications processed per month from the current value of 100 to 1000 by deploying this software package.

• Increase the business revenues from the Loan Management Department from its value of last year by ten-fold in the next two years as well as enhance the customer satisfaction rating from the value of the last year by 20% in the next two years.

2 Document Conventions

The following documentation conventions are followed in preparing this SRS:

a) All key-words related to the banking industry are formatted in italics. b) The priority of a requirement is specified at the end of that requirement in curly braces and using the notation { Priority : nn}, where ‘nn’ is an integer in the range 00 (lowest priority) to 99 (highest priority).

3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This document is created for,
i) The staff of the Loan Management Department of the ABC Bank to review and suggest refinements if any (when submitted for their review at appropriate times). ii) The Computer Automation Steering Committee of ABC Bank for their review and approval at appropriate times. iii) The software development team for their use in analyzing the requirements.

4 Product Scope

The scope of the to-be-developed ‘Loan Management’ software package is:

i) To cater to ALL types of loans offered by the ABC Bank to its eligible customers ii) To enable the ABC Bank’s customers to securely access this ‘Loan Management’ software package using internet in order to file the loan application, subsequently know the status of their application, make re-payments and close the loan. iii) To cater all activities of Loan Management, viz, from the loan application submission activity to validation, under-writing, approval / rejection to loan disbursement and re-payment activities. iv) To cater all the customers of all the branches of the ABC Bank in India and abroad.

5 References

The following reference manuals of the ABC Bank and its Governing Reserve Bank are used in preparing this SRS: i) Minutes-of-the-Meeting between the LNMIIT SE Course instructor and the Loan Management Staff of the ABC Bank’s Rajasthan Head-Office, held on January 14th 2011 at the Bank’s HO. ii) ABC Bank’s Loan Management Manual # 2 Version 1.2.3 iii) The Reserve Bank of India Loan Management Manual # 1 Version 4.5.6

Overall Description

1 Product Perspective

The following diagram describes the high-level business process of the Loan Management functions of the ABC Bank:

The Loan Management Functions Part – I: Creation and Maintenance of Loan Types:

The Loan Management Functions Part – II: Loan Application Submission and Processing till Closure:

2 Product Functions

This software package is expected to offer the following services:

a) For the Loan Management Staff of ABC Bank:
a. Facility to define and maintain the types of Loans offered by the ABC Bank; and a facility to define and maintain the process flow and eligibility rules of each type of loan. b) For the Customers of the ABC Bank:

a. Facility to go through the eligibility rules online of each type of loan; facility to fill-in and submit loan applications online; facility to find out the status of each loan application by its primary applicant.

3 User Classes and Characteristics

This software package will be used by two categories of users:

a) Staff of the Loan Management Department of the ABC Bank: these users will use this software package to define, modify, delete (as the case may be) the different types of loans at any given time offered by the ABC Bank and the eligibility rules and process activities and flow of each type of loan.

b) Customers of the ABC Bank: these users will use this software package to find out what types of loans are available at any given time, whether they are eligible and if so, to apply for a given type of loan, and find the status of a given applied loan.

4 Operating Environment

This software package is expected to work in the following atmosphere: i) Microsoft stack consisting of,
a. MS Windows Vista based thin clients
b. MS Windows based Server OS
c. Visual C++ and / or Java Standard Edition 2.0 (or above) d. Oracle RDBMS version 10g release 2 (or above)

5 Design and Implementation Constraints

The design time constraints are:

i) The software package should be architected as a multi-tier system (separate web-server, application and RDBMS servers) with duplication of each type of server to achieve fault-tolerance;

ii) There should be a load-balancer to route incoming transactions so as to balance the load on the two sets of servers;

iii) More than 100, 000 customers should be able to concurrently access the loan facilities of this package per day from all parts of the world.

6 User Documentation

i) This software package will come with an On-line Help (web pages) for each of the two types of users (i.e. Loan Management Staff and Customers of the Bank) on how to use the facilities available for them.

ii) The details of the (i) Analysis, (ii) Design and (iii) Test Cases of this software package will be delivered along with this software.

7 Assumptions and Dependencies

The are no assumptions made.

External Interface Requirements

1 User Interfaces

The set of User Interfaces consists of,

i) To Define the different types of Loans, their Eligibility Rules ii) To Read, Edit and Submit the Loan Application Form of different types of Loans iii) To Read the on-line Eligibility Rules for each type of Loan

2 Hardware Interfaces


3 Software Interfaces

This software package should have an interface with,

i) The Credit History service of Credit-Card Module

ii) The Savings / Current Accounts History service of Savings / Current Accounts Management Module

4 Communications Interfaces

This software package should be securely accessible through internet communication channels (wired or wireless).

System Features

The requirements of this software package are described per each category of User:

i) All requirements of the ABC Bank’s Loan Management Department Staff

ii) All requirements of the ABC Bank’s Customers

Business Use Case # 1: All the Requirements of the Loan Management Staff:

1 Define and Maintain Loan Types

4.1.1Description and Priority

The TBD (to-be-developed) software package should facilitate the Loan Management staff to,

i) define a new loan type, its associated process flow and eligibility rules, underwriting rules, approval rules and repayment rules; ii) modify an existing loan type and its associated rules (all of the above kinds of rules); iii) activate a newly added loan type OR re-activate a modified loan type with effect from a date and time; iv) de-activate an existing loan type with effect from a date and time; no one can delete a loan type that is once defined as per the RBI Loan Management Manual # 1, section 2.3.4 (see reference)

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