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Thousands of brave young Americans who left home to fight for their cause had an experience none of them would ever forget. It wasn’t that easy. Not only would the soldiers face the possibility of getting killed in the battle, but their daily lives were full of hardships. They had to deal with homesickness, hunger, bad weather, anger, insects and different types of emotions. Many think it is pure hell but to few, it is challenging and service for their country. Although the soldier’s lives are different, their daily routines, the food they eat, and how they are living is important to their families.

On a typical day for a soldier, they wake up early in the morning with a drum sound to begin their day. They have drills in the morning and afternoon as practice for battle. Discipline in the army is very strict. Each soldier has to know his place in the squad on battalion as soon as the 2nd signal goes off for their company formation. No one can be late or else, he will be told to do 50 push ups or more in front of everybody as punishment. Between the drills, soldiers do their chores like cooking their meals, fixing their uniforms or cleaning their guns, and other equipment including jets, canons, or fighter planes. If they have some free time, they play games life poker, dominoes, and chess. They enjoyed singing songs, too.

Looking around the camp, I noticed that they use log cabins to protect them from cold, however there are also tents. Each tent has 5 or 6 soldiers sharing. They also have blankets to warm them, but not as warm as our comforter in our homes. That’s why a few get sick of colds. No bath everyday as to water ration is limited. Most of the time, they don’t wash their hands, either compared to us, or sanitizer before eating or as often as we can.

Most cooking is done outside their tents. It is on an open fire. They cook food that is just easy to make and fast, like beans, soup, bacon, corn. I think it is so tough and they are often hungry as eating is really observed on time and limited only. Compared to us, if we feel hungry we can just grab something and eat. For their snacks, they eat crackers, chocolates, bananas, nuts, and other fruits.

Life of a soldier is really a tough one, I think when he decided to go in an army, he has to be ready, strong, and dedicated to that profession. With my evaluation, the number one factor that torture them is missing home, miss their family and friends. So to the families of a soldier, if we can write them as often as we can, send pictures, tell stories or updates with what’s happening but please no sad stories, that will make them worry for you or have mental torture. Maybe if somebody would have the initiative to organize a group of families of soldiers to ask them to donate blankets, jackets, canned goods and have a tie up with the government or some organizations. I don’t know if this is realistic or possible but it is just on my opinion. So to the soldier, I salute you!

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