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My name is Fartun Khalin. I am a technical writing student at the University of New Mexico – Los Alamos. As part of my English course, I have been assigned a writing project to assist a local community service organization. I am especially interested in working with your organization because of the great impact your diversity and outreach program has had helping newly arrived refugees settle and assimilate in their new home. I had the opportunity to talk to few of the people that had completed your training and they consistently mentioned that it would be very beneficial to them if there was some sort of handout that summarized the training; had vital information like schools, hospitals, social security offices, employment agencies, and translation service etc. I would like to volunteer to create this handout, as it would improve the experience of the participant in your program by providing them with this vital information.

I can work with you on weekly basis to discuss what you want from the document. Part of this project involves research reports and other preparatory work, but most of it will be dedicated to writing and designing documents. I will have sufficient time to complete this project between now and April 26th, 2015 If you think you could benefit from such a project, please contact me at your earliest convenience at the phone number or email address above. The next step in the project would be to meet with the contact person to develop a more specific proposal for the project.  I will contact you in a few days to follow up on this letter. I look forward to talking with you and thank you for your consideration.

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