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Some ways the Christian gospel is perceived Essay Sample

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Some ways the Christian gospel is perceived Essay Sample

Some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture are humans are “born in sin, but can be forgiven by Christ,” (Psalm 51:5), the only way to heaven is through Christ, (2 Corinthians 5:21), and Jesus died for our sins. (John 3:16) The perception of this is viewed differently among people. Some believe that Christians can be too harsh and extreme, like the Westboro Baptist Church. Others view Christians the way I do as loving, caring, and forging, just as Jesus did.

Some specific moral reasons people reject the Christian gospel are gay marriage and sex before marriage. Although God loves us all, he believes in the marriage of a man and women. Many people view this as God hating people who are gay, when God loves all his children equally. In this generation particularly, sex is viewed as highly fulfilling. With TV shows such as, “Virgin Territory,” on MTV and sex in every form of entertainment, sex is viewed as something common, not something sacred like God intended. God wanted sex to between a man and wife, now it is rare to find people who are still virgins on their wedding day. Also, it appears that sex is occurring at a younger and younger age every generation. This is going against God’s moral guidelines, and ruining the sacred of sex.

Some specific emotional reasons people reject the gospel is because they lose someone close to them in life. They feel angry and bitter with God, and do not believe in his word. They view the death as an insulting action towards them, instead of their loved one being in paradise. Another emotional reason people reject the gospel is because something tragic has happened to them. My friend was in a terrible car accident and she is mad at God because she was finally moving forward in life, she had one semester of school left and a good job going for her, and bam, she was lucky to live and cannot do anything until she can recover. She blames God for this happening to her and is upset beyond belief with God.

Some specific intellectual reasons people may reject the Christian gospel is evolution. People believe science, because science is proof and the only physical proof we have of God is his Word (to most people). Science can be seen and touched, where Christianity is all about faith.

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