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Introduction of TOPIC

The day I walked into sophomore year of high school changed my life. I had set many types of goals for myself this year including making friends, helping others and being a part of the most incredible organization, The Cherokee Charmers. The Cherokee Charmers was not only a drill team, it was a family, a family of girls working together to boost school spirit and even help others by spreading our positive attitudes. Walking into the first day of school knowing I was a part of this team made me light up like a light bulb.

I had auditioned for the Cherokee Charmers over the summer with tons of other girls from my high school wanting the same thing as I did. I had never worked so hard in my life to prove to a table of judges that I was good enough to be on a team. It was a weeklong process of stretching, drills, dancing, and high kicking that put my body through an extreme test. This week long audition not only showed the judges how hard I worked for a spot on the team but I proved to myself that if I wanted something bad enough I could work my hardest and achieve it.

Becoming a part of the Cherokee Charmer organization was a huge accomplishment in my high school career

because I learned to be a part of a team and work with other people to achieve a happy and positive

environment. During my time on the Cherokee Charmers, I was able to visit nursing homes, do local fundraisers, and even inspire children to follow their dreams. The various fundraisers we did were an incredible experience. Being able to brighten up people’s day just by dancing and spreading kind words was such a rewarding experience.

I definitely grew as a person due this organization. I was unfamiliar on how to give back to the community until I joined Cherokee Charmers. This organization made me realize that giving back was not only fun but also rewarding. The Cherokee Charmers always had other people in mind. Our goal was to entertain people, whether it was with dancing, making jokes, or just simply talking. We always, as a team, wanted one thing and that was to make people smile. We loved visiting nursing homes during the holidays just to brighten up the residents’ day.

The Cherokee Charmer organization will affect my college experience in many ways. I have learned to enjoy giving back to others, which I expect to continue during my college career. The Cherokee Charmers taught me to work as a team and be involved with the community. Working as a team is a difficult lesson to learn. Having integrity and diminishing narcissistic behaviors and instead focusing on how you affect the people around you can often be challenging. By making a conscience effort to focus on how my actions can consequently affect the people around me. Being a part of this organization, my integrity has grown. I learned how much I enjoy helping others, working as a team, and inspiring people to have a positive outlook.

Through the Cherokee Charmers, I learned about responsibility. I learned not only how to manage the juggling act of keeping good grades and extracurricular activities but how to wear all the hats required of me in all aspects of life. This organization taught me the consequences of not being responsible in a safe environment and the rewarding aspect of being responsible academically as well as personally. The Cherokee Charmers has provided me with a foundation for personal and academic integrity as well as instilled a desire to remember that I am part of a community.

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