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Sop for MBA Essay Sample

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Sop for MBA Essay Sample

People with goals and dreams in life tend to be happier as they know what to look forward to. As important as it is to have a vision of one’s future, it’s not enough. One needs to test it realistically and have a plan for getting there. A Masters of Science in Finance degree is a part of my plan to achieve my goals of attaining an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and working towards securing a job in investment banking. Post graduation, in the short term my focus would be on securing a job as an analyst in a financial services firm, preferably an investment bank, to gain the knowledge and experience required for me to pursue an MBA.

Furthermore, while working I would prepare to give the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams. Fulfilling my short term goals would assist my long term goal of climbing the corporate ladder in a global financial services firm, working in the key areas of corporate finance and investment management; or maybe even setting up my own management consultancy offering financial solutions and accounting systems. I have always been good with math and accounting since school, thus commerce was the obvious career choice. Having studied various subjects in my undergraduate course (Bachelor of Management Studies), I understood the significance of economic, social, political and most importantly financial factors that drive changes in industries and markets.

My interest in finance grew and led me to major in that field in my final year as well as appear for the National Stock Exchange’s Financial Markets Beginners Exam and attend a Basic Course on Derivatives at the Bombay Stock Exchange. A MS degree in Finance from the Villanova School of Business, combined with my past experiences, will prepare me to compete & succeed in the innovative and vast field of finance which fits in with my ambitions and capabilities. The inclusive nature of finance increases the importance of understanding the influence of various factors such as interest rates and exchange rates on economies & corporations. One needs to be able to apply various hedging techniques in order to manage the risk faced efficiently. I want to enhance my analytical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the functioning and dynamics of the international finance scenario in order to be able to take well-informed decisions in the future.

The Student Managed Fund would be an excellent opportunity for me to understand the fundamentals of investing in a real-time setting. The courses covered by the curriculum would simplify financial concepts which will help me prepare for my CFA exams The well-balanced curriculum and the practical experience offered by the course have deepened my yearning to be a part of your institute. Strong quantitative skills, improved interpersonal skills and experience gained while working on college projects have prepared me for my masters in Finance. My internship with HDFC Ltd. taught me the importance of teamwork, and what better place to spread team spirit than at Villanova University that consists of a diverse student body. With these skills and an international perspective, I will not only contribute strongly in the classroom but will also enrich the learning experience of my fellow students. If given the opportunity by your university, I assure you that through my hard work and determination I would contribute not only to the academic but also to the cultural and social environment at your university in an unparalleled manner.

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