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Sorcerers’ Attack Essay Sample

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Sorcerers’ Attack Essay Sample

School. I honestly find it so pointless. I’m here day after day after day, and it’s the same story every time. I’m bored out of my mind, but there is literally nothing to do. Ty feels the same way. He makes school a tiny bit more bearable, because he joins me in my depressing pit of utter boredom. I can’t imagine it getting any better, nor could it possibly get worse. I have never been so wrong.

Ty and myself were bunking math and doing some graffiti in the teacher’s bathrooms when we heard the screaming. A terrible, petrified howl of pure terror turned into a literal howl, which sounded like a dog. We looked at each other for a second, and we both knew we had to see what was going on.

We rushed out of the bathroom to find utter and absolute chaos reigning in the nearest class. We literally could not comprehend what we saw. A dark, robed figure stood at the front in the nearest classroom while a Jack Russell chased about twenty rats around the classroom, while roughly ten students stood at the back of the class, frozen in terror. To say that we were perplexed was an understatement.

We watched this mysterious figure crudely gesture with animated movements, and the rest of the students disappeared. Look, whispered Ty. There’re more rats! I looked on incredulously, and realized this, thing, had turned the students into animals. The figure turned towards us, and walked out the classroom. Ty fled, but I couldn’t move. The figure grinned evilly and said, I can feel the darkness in you, boy. Come with me. I had no option but to follow this dark sorcerer, for that is what he was.

By now, the whole school was in utter disarray, with students and teachers alike running in all directions screaming blue murder. The sorcerer walked calmly, turning what seemed random individuals into various lethal creatures, all of which proceeded to guard the exits of the school building. We were trapped.

Most students were hiding in the school hall, and that’s where the sorcerer led me. Just before we walked in, he turned back, as if to check if I was still in tow. He then said, There is a darkness inside of you, just as there is in me. You need to make a choice. Join me, and gain power beyond mortal reach, or become a creature like the rest of these wretches. As he said this, he drew his wand from his cloak, and I could feel it drawing me in.

How could I decide something like this? Become something more than a mortal, or become a pitiful animal? Become evil and turn on my friends, or die alongside them? I felt like my morals were stuck inside some deep pit in my mind, screeching to get out, just as I blocked them out at the same time. I smiled.

I’m with you I said. He smiled and handed me the wand as we strode into the hall. My fellow students went dead silent as they saw us walk in, and the fear was palpable. The sorcerer opened his mouth, stepping in front of me to address the covering crowd. Before he could utter one syllable, I raised the wand and destroyed his very being with a burst of dark energy, fuelled by my festering self-loathing. The school erupted and Ty ran up to me and said, You killed him! Thank god that’s over, we’re safe again! He exclaimed.

I turned to him. His face went pale as he saw my bloodless grin. I asked, voice filled with ice and dark magics, Are you really?

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