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Source Evaluation Essay Sample

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Source Evaluation Essay Sample

The worsening atmospheric condition, as manifested by global warming, is the price of our dynamic industrial and economic progress. At present, global warming is the most critical environmental concern which arose from humans’ neglect and abuse of the environment. It pertains to the rise in the temperature of the earth’s surface caused by the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. As a result, the planet is now experiencing extreme shifts in the temperature which result in heat waves, irregular weather conditions, and the rapid unfreezing of icecaps and glaciers located at the two opposite poles of the earth.

As the icecaps and glaciers melt, a notable increase in the sea level was observed, along with occurrences of coastal flooding. Last January 2006, Sarah C. B. Raper & Roger J. Braithwaite wrote an article about a particular alarming effect of global warming even before the issue has become a worldwide concern. The article is entitled Low Sea Level Rise Projections From Mountain Glaciers and Icecaps Under Global Warming. The article talks about the anticipated rise in sea level brought about by global warming. The article includes different experiments and studies analyzing the major cause sea level rise (SLR).

Thus, this article is highly important, as it contributes necessary data and pertinent information to the study of the world’s greatest current environmental concern. The article states that the increase in the sea level as an implication of global warming could be the result of variety of causes; thermal expansion, annual precipitation, and the melting of glaciers and icecaps, all of which may bring about coastal flooding. The aforementioned article was written by highly credible authors who are knowledgeable in the subject.

Sarah C. B. Raper is affiliated with Alfred Wegener for Polar and Marine Research, while Roger J. Braithwaite is associated with the School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester. It was published in the journal Nature, the primary scientific journal of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). Besides environmental concerns, NPG also publishes other topics under the various fields of science, such as physical and applied sciences and medicine. A variety of articles are also included in the journal, from news items written by esteemed journalists to research.

Aside from the reliability of the proponents and credibility of the publisher, the authors used a wide array of credible sources to support their study. They compared the results of their own research with the outcome of the study conducted by their sources. Among the sources utilized by the authors are scholarly journals, articles relaying results from previous studies, and books that provide background information of the topic. The references used by the proponents are relevant in expounding the topic and strengthening the research the authors conducted. The authors presented the facts and findings in a very clear manner.

The experiments the authors conducted measured the possible increase in sea level due to the melting of glaciers and icecaps that largely contribute to the rise of sea level. The facts and references used are arranged logically which strengthens the credibility of the study and its results. The article is informative and educational for it provides a lot of data and information. The authors wrote the article with the intention of addressing a body of scholars who are the potential readers of the scientific journal. Thus, using erudite words is appropriate in presenting the facts.

The topic discussed by the authors was published in the beginning of 2006 when global warming was not much of an issue for mankind. Today, the disturbing situation of our atmosphere is a major worldwide concern. Hence, the contributions of this study are highly essential, specifically in determining the rise in sea level and its impact in our environment. However, further studies regarding this topic can provide a more updated data and information. The published article is of high importance in studying the implications and resolving the issues of global warming.

It presents a collection of data and findings on the effect of melting of glaciers and icecaps in the rise of sea level. The article and the journal are credible sources of information for it is published within a scientific journal. The facts contained in the article are well-presented and developed in such a manner suited for addressing the whole scientific community. Thus, employing scholarly words and a formal presentation of facts and figures is not only justified but appropriate. The article can be considered as a reliable source for any research and can provide pertinent information needed in the study.

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