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Sources of Motivation Essay Sample

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Sources of Motivation Essay Sample

Motivation is one of the major and essential factors that impel every human being to achieve their goals. According to one of the generally recognized definitions of motivation, it is an internal condition, or an internal state of being that stimulates a person’s behavior (Motivation, 2008). Motivation has also been described as a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior towards a goal. A different description states that motivation is the influence of the desires and needs of an individual. It is also been described as the persistence, direction, and arousal of a person’s behavior.

As a consequence of the numerous definitions, it is reasonably complex to plainly characterize motivation, given that various professionals in the field have revealed varying conclusions. Sources of Motivation Motivation causes people to contend with their individual development as well as help others with their development; build their capability and self-esteem; generate the power to change; achieve a positive viewpoint; and accomplish goals (Scribd, 2007). Humans are exceptionally multifaceted and their actions are normally motivated by a myriad of unpredictable sources (Knol, 2009).

Accordingly, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to identify a particular source that explains the evident shifting levels of motivation. By examining the diverse definitions, the source of motivation can undoubtedly be either: behavioral; social; biological; cognitive; affective; conative; or spiritual factors (Huitt, 2001). For that reason, the sources of motivation can be categorized as: internal sources; environmental origins; interaction between environmental and internal origins; and motivation sequence (Dworkin, 2009, p. 17). Relationship between Motivation and Behavior

Motivation is considered as an internal force that invigorates behaviors, and instigates a particular behavior in response to a specified set of environmental inducements along with the internal needs of the person (Dorman & Gaudiano, n. d. , p. 11). However, regular changes in direction do not work if a person wants to achieve goals. Similarly, nothing is going to happen if a person has no motivation. To be able to make a significant accomplishment, a person needs to have an intense source of motivation that consistently points in a determined direction (Mitchell).

Accordingly, there are three basic factors of motivation: direction or what an individual is attempting to achieve; effort or how hard an individual is attempting; and persistence or how long an individual keeps on attempting (Themanager. org, 2007). Motivation is exhibited in behavior through either avoidance of unpleasant and undesirable consequences or obtaining pleasant and desirable consequences (Motivation, 2008). The fact that human race is regularly making progress is an adequate confirmation that motivation does exist as a major aspect of human behavior.

Explicit and implicit motivations have a compelling impact on behavior, and are directly implicated in human behaviors. Explicit motivation are conveyed through planned selections and normally stimulated for extrinsic motives (Rabideau, 2005). Conversely, implicit motives are impulsive desires to perform, recognized as task performances, and are stimulated through rewards inherent to the undertaking (Rabideau, 2005). People with strong implicit needs to accomplish goals tend to abide by the societal standards, while others lay down higher internal standards.

People with strong implicit drives will feel satisfaction from accomplishing goals in the most efficient approach; while people with strong explicit drives shape their behaviors on self-views and their responses and choices are manipulated from external indicators. How Motivation is Exhibited in Behavior Before demonstrating the desired behavior, people at the outset logically choose behavioral actions that significantly meet their needs. They make choices to make an effort or not to make an effort based on the expected outcomes, the available rewards, and their individual inclinations (CliffsNotes).

According to the equity theory, people behave consistent with their perceptions. Therefore, rewards perceived as reasonable should have constructive outcome on motivation, while those rewards perceived as unreasonable may cause motivation setbacks. Conversely, expectancy theory focuses in recognizing a person’s goals and interactions between performance and effort, between rewards and performance, and between individual goal satisfaction and the rewards. Motivation is generally high when the reward is attractive and if a person’s expectancy is in a high level.

Reinforcement theory basically views the relationship between behavior and its outcomes. This theory focuses on adjusting a person’s operational behavior through appropriate exercise of one of the following methods: positive reinforcement; avoidance; extinction; and punishment (CliffsNotes). Finally, the goal-setting theory suggests that the desire to make an effort towards a goal is the most important source of motivation. In essence, goals inform people the needs that should be accomplished and how much effort should be extended. Accordingly, the more complicated the goal, the higher the intensity of working behavior is expected.

Conclusion Motivation is considered a significant aspect that impels a person to overcome every obstacle and challenge. Unfortunately, to remain constantly motivated under any conditions is also one of the most complex facets in life. Over the years, theories have been formulated in order to understand better why and how humans are motivated. Although the theories may bring about a range of behaviors, the fact remain that people are motivated only when they aspire to be motivated. In other words, there has to be a desire to be on the enthusiastic side of motivation in order to be motivated.






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