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South Africa and the United Kingdom Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Political view
South Africa and the United Kingdom have a stable relationship btw the two nations in terms of communication, business partnership and also pretty similar education system. The South African country has one of the most stable governments in the continent and is recognized as one of the emerging markets to invest in compared to the economies of western world (Mail & Gurdian, 2011), The current president Jacob ZUMA (since 9 May 2009) has economic policies that are very attractive to investors with very little restrictions. Taxation policies in South Africa is medium range, due to the rising development projects been carried out by the government to uplift literacy and start new business opportunities around the country to reduce unemployment. Taxes for non-resident companies are 33% and will not be charged on STC (low tax, 2011). VAT stands at 14% which is charged only on companies making more that R1 million per annum (SARS, 2011). Environmental view

In South Africa, the country has an estimated minimum increase in GDP of the country of about 4.4% yearly, the GDP purchasing power parity of 524.341 billion. The high growth rate of the economy is tarnished by the increasing unemployment rate which is pretty high in South Africa of about 24.00% because mainly the disparity in income also the negative effect on inflation rate (3.7%). Social View

The current population of South Africa is said to be around 53 million people

as of Jan, 2015 with different kind of ethnicity living in the country from native South Africans to

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white, coloured, Indian/Asian and so on with the official language spoken in the country to be English while Swahili is common among the locals. There are 9 provinces and has a recognized education level in terms of general education and training, spending on education in the country remains a priority with the finance minister allocating more than R189 billions for pupils to get the right education and become literates in further and higher education . In terms of religion, the country has varieties of religious believe but the most common once are the Christianity and Islam. But there is a famous worry in the country and this is the rate at which HIV/AIDS is increasing in the country which might be one major negative effect that would be considered for this project. As of 2012, the % rate of HIV was said to be around 17.8%% with about 5.6 people affected with the deadly disease. Technological view

There is a vast increase in the rate at which technology is growing in the country; Number of computer literate people
Number of people with access to computer
Infrastructure; electricity, internet connections,
Access to social media and so on.


South Africa is an individual society. This means that individual are meant to take care of themselves and their family alone rather than belonging in group of people who look after each other in exchange for loyalty.


South Africa is a masculine country where people live in order to work, managers are expected to be decisive and assertive, the emphasis are on equity, competition and performance and conflicts are resolved by fighting them out.

Uncertainty avoidance:

South Africa has a low preference for avoiding uncertainty, where people believe there should be no more rules than are necessary and if they are ambiguous or do not work they should be changed/abandoned.

Long term orientation:

South Africa is a culture with more normative than pragmatic, people in such society have a strong concern with establishing the truth; they are normative in their thinking.


South Africa has a pretty high culture of indulgence, people in the society generally exhibit a willingness to realise their impulses and desire to enjoying life and having fun. They possess positive attitude and have a tendency towards optimism.

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