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Mayor Zetye:
Youth unemployment in Africa is more problematic than in many other parts of the world. Africa has a high population growth rate and there are millions of young people looking for a job. We need to fill this void quickly, before matter become worse.

If you care about your children’s success in school, and if you care about your children’s future at all, you will increase jobs starting in school, creating a program where students can learn a trait to pull their self out of poverty.Youth unemployment in South Africa has increasingly come under the spotlight as one of the hardest part of the continent to have the “American Dream.” This is however not unique to South Africa, with countries in North Africa and the Middle East having recently experienced the social implosion as mainly a consequence of youth unemployment.

The war deprived young African of the opportunity to get an education. Almost 40 percent of over 15 years old haven’t attended school. Young people roam the streets, none of the skills or experience needed for the few jobs that are available. Despite unemployment being so high, sometimes it is hard for employers to find candidates with the right set of skills. As many young people lack the ‘numeracy and literacy skills’ required by technical and vocational training institutions, solving this situation in the short run isn’t easy. Consequently, they are unable to grow their businesses or work themselves out of poverty. On top of all that, training schools use outdated circular and have a lack of staff. They are therefore ill-equipped to produce graduates, who are prepared for the labour market.

The time is now, to deal with the issues at hand, before a the unemployment rate becomes even higher. The solution is complex but clear and achievable. Create more diverse jobs, rake in the harvest, and keep students equipped to make a living and improve South Africa.

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