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South American agriculture Essay Sample

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South American agriculture Essay Sample

In the United States, sectionalism began in 1800s between the North America and the South America. That was the act in various cultural, social and political life styles were displayed in both the North and South. According to Agnew &John definition, “Sectionalism is the act of showing loyalty to a section of your nation where you belong instead of the whole nation. ” The real issues that caused the split between the North and the South were because the North America mainly developed in industrialization while South America depended on agriculture.

And in my opinion, the division in the United States was the reason caused Civil War also. The things that brought about the division were lack of agreements concerning taxes levied and the rights of the states versus the rights of federal. The issue that led to the split between the north and the south was the civil war which was not fought to end the slavery. The two nations had different perspectives regarding slavery. While the North Americans were against slave trade, the South Americans were in support of that.

That is because in Southern America, slaves were used to work in the plantations. These slaves were mainly Africans and African Americans. After the development of the cotton gin industry, the rate of this trade increased. Many people in Africa were sold in order to pay debts or rented to do work in large plantations without pay. To get the slaves easily, Southern American leaders wanted to take over regions in the western territory to be used as areas set aside for slave.

Owning more slaves gave one social respect because they were considered as wealth owned. The North Americans abolished slave trade gradually and it soon declined. The North was very much determined to stop the slavery and instead utilize them in better ways. The slaves paid taxes and thus required to be awarded with citizenship and stop the slavery. While the South wanted to preserve the slaves, who provided cheap labor in the farms and the industries which were arising. This led to military conflict between soldiers allied to North and South.

The southerners being agrarians mostly depended in their labor from the slaves. After slavery was abolished, there was a problem in attending to the plantations since no one was willing to work in those bad conditions and with low pay. Slaves and other immigrants fled to the north in search of jobs in industries thus boosting the economic growth of the north. As a result, the north had several social amenities and well developed infrastructure which created the inequality in the regional developments.

The idea of pitting countries into categories depending on their economic status and their development started back during the wars that were experienced. The reason why the economists of the nations’ felt it wise to raise another group of countries with almost similar level of development to be known as the third world countries is this gave raised to the use of the term third world countries which means that they were less developed compared to those that were referred to as first and second world countries.

Most of the second world countries had increased in their development and were therefore moved to the second world countries. People started move to less development and populated areas. This was a source of great labor that was contributing to the development of the nations now migrating leaving less source of labor. They felt it nice to migrate from the countries in the south to the north because they felt moving to a more developed country will improve their quality of life that they want to live.

They also perceived that they will prosper when they live in the countries where there is development. This resulted to a huge economic difference between the south and the north. The main aim of this movement was to equalize the economy of the nations. This was to be done through equalizing prices of those goods that they exported and those that they imported, getting economic professionals and experts from the northern side to the southern and clearing debts of the countries that belong to the third world.

In conclusion, the end of slave trade was a great legacy performed in the United States despite of the kind of challenges it brought about. However, the conflict was not inevitable because it caused death of so many slaves and the Americans themselves (Smidt et al, 387). This trade could still end even without having conflict though it could have taken too long. Also, educating people concerning slave trade would be wise so that they may not act in ignorance.

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