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Spa Introduction Essay Sample

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Spa Introduction Essay Sample

Whenever we hear the word “spa” we often think of massages, facials, beauty and skin care; but, do you know where this word came from? Spa is named after a town in Belgium “Spa” dating back from the Roman Era, it is also an acronym for “Salus per Aquae” which means health through water. As we all know, advancement of medicine and technology were not available during the ancient times; people tend to travel to hot springs in hope of finding cure. People strongly believed the healing powers of water, In 17th century Europe, the upper class flocked to health resorts to bathe in and drink mineral water. Physicians would even prescribe dosage of mineral water to drink by patients, prior to a routine set of exercises.

(Spa, the attractive town in Belgium with 8600 square feet of hot swimming pool where the water comes directly from the Clementine Spring) The development of spas became complex through time. Say for the bathing area, it became a social place for people to play things like cards, hold concerts or even lectures. Their bathing rituals are followed by oils and herbal extracts applied to the body. A vigorous massage and dead skin scraping would then be performed. It ends by being dipped in a pool of cold water where the individual can unwind and relax. Then a sumptuous healthy meal is laid out for the pampered individual. However, when the fall of the Roman empire transpired, the true meaning and prestige of spas diminished. Technological innovations and medical science were developed, hospitals emerged, and everyone turned to allopathy. Sadly, spas were becoming forgotten, only to re-emerge a few centuries later. The Rebirth of Modern Spas

Natural springs located in Spa Beligum, Switzerland, Germany and England are still frequented as a spa destination. However, the image of what a “spa” is at present takes on a more leisurely approach. Modern generation consider spa as a vacationing hub, while most spas integrate beauty, fitness, and wellness into a more holistic approach. We now think of it as a means for relaxation when we want to soothe our sore muscles, or if we decided to have a facial, nail, or foot pampering session. Thanks to the health and beauty conscious people like us, a lot of spas are emerging and are given notice in today’s hectic society as a wholesome place where we can feel much better.

Requirements for Establishing a SPA:
Starting capital needed. A high-end recreational spa will cost millions because it demands more space and equipment. However, therapeutic spas or those that focus on specific massage treatments require less room and can be set up for around half a million pesos if targeted towards the low income class segment. A large part of the capital will be spent on wet areas like the shower room and rental deposits. Legal requirements. Besides the standard registration with the DTI or the SEC, and municipality, there are many other government rules that affect the design of your facilities. Parts of these are measures to ensure hygiene, safety and moral standards. Safety measures. Before any session, you must check first if he or she has a medical condition that may be aggravated. Some of the conditions that are contraindicated are high blood pressure, pregnancy, cancer or recent surgery. The massage therapist must be thoroughly trained not only in massage but also knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology so that they may cause no harm.

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