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Introduction of TOPIC

Spaced learning is learning or studying information in intervals in time, such as studying for half an hour, going to eat, studying again for half an hour, cut the grass, study again for half an hour. Massed learning is studying or learning a lot of information over one big period of time, such as studying 2 chapters of a biology book for 3 or 4 hours. Spaced learning is a much better way to learn information, as it is proven that people who use spaced learning actually remember more information that people that use mass learning. Spaced learning is a training technique that involves three 15-20 minute training or learning sessions with two 10-minute breaks between the sessions. In some organizations, the archaic belief still prevails that the longer and more painful a learning session is, the more learning will happen.

College students often think they can get the grades the want by “cramming” for hours the night before a test. This simply isn’t the case. Rather than focusing on long periods of learning, we learn better when our brain cells are switched on and off, or with short periods of learning and breaks in between. The key to long-term memory formation is not the amount of time spent learning, but the amount of time between learning. By switching your learner’s brain cells “on” (during learning) and “off” again (during breaks), the learner’s unconscious has time to internalize the knowledge and the repetition results in long-term memories. Research has also shown that longer breaks between teaching sessions can result in longer-lasting memories.

A whole practice method is learning the entire skill with out breaking down the parts in it, e.g juggling a 3 ball cascade, instead of breaking it down to 1 ball, then 2 balls, hen 3 balls when learning, you just go straight to 3 balls and practice with the 3 balls.

While the part method is when you break down the skill your learning into its separate stages e.g juggling with 3 balls, you would break it down to 1 ball, once you get the hang of that, you would move onto 2 balls, get the hang of that, you would move onto 3 balls and so on.

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