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Speaking and Listening Whether or Not Boxing Should or Should Not be Banned Essay Sample

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Speaking and Listening Whether or Not Boxing Should or Should Not be Banned Essay Sample

A local newspaper is asking for readers opinions on the subject. Write your contribution discussing both sides of the argument

I am writing this essay on whether or not boxing should or should not be banned, I will write in support of and against boxing.

Boxing is an ancient sport with a long history dating back centuries. It developed from bare knuckle fighting in the 18th and 19th century.

The sport has already experienced a ban in 1865 and despite this remains a popular today despite this. The sport has rules established by Marquees of Queensbury that form the basis of modern boxing: three minute rounds and boxers must wear gloves.

The spot attracts audience and athletes, and is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It is a pleasure to men and woman from all classes of society, even though people think of the sport as aggressive and violent.

Is boxing a positive sport?

There are many opinions and views of the sport.

Before any boxer participates in boxing, he or she knows the risks involved, whether or not they box is their choice, no one forced them they do it of thier own accord, it is a question of individual choice.

We should also consider that boxing is a well paid source of employment for boxers and provides many other jobs as well. Secondly it has in resent years caused less deaths than show jumping, which is a non-contact sport. Casualty rates are higher in other sports, such as rugby. A quote from Dr. Adrian Whiteson, chief medical officer for the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) is ‘chronic injuries to the brain are actually very really seen today.”

Another reason to support boxing is that boxers often begin as underprivileged children from working class backgrounds, though this is not always the case. Boxing provides a release for these young people urging them away from crime and disobedience, it encourages strength and self-discipline, ” the harder to train, the easier it is in competition” this is a motto quoted from Amir Khan, this shows that boxers are athletes. Boxing keeps young people off the streets and urges boxers away from the temptation of alcohol and drugs. Boxing as a sport give a chance of a career, a chance to be somebody, possibly even a celebrity.

Boxing is a highly regulated sport, “the B.B.B.C are able to take away the licence of a boxer if they consider them to be unfit”. Many boxers have long healthy careers and retire fit and well. The sport is considered one of much skill and discipline.

The spectators or boxing do not watch the sport to see the boxers brutally hurt each other, they watch to see two talented athletes show their skills.

The main danger within boxing is brain damage, but the B.B.B.C have taken a series of steps to counteract it, these include:

* Compulsory brain scans for every boxer on a annual basis.

* Two medical officers at the ring side for every contest.

* Compulsory health checks after every contest.

* Clear indicated doctors and paramedics at the ring side, seat were they can clearly see and gain immediate access to the ring if need to do so.

With such rules and safeguards a boxer is very unlikely to sustain any permanent damage.

This sport, even though it contains physical contact, projects a positive image to young children, especially boys, as it encourages self control and exercise, while keeping them away from drugs and alcohol.

Finally if the sport was to be banned it would continue to exist “underground” this would make the sport extremely unstable and dangerous, the boxer would be fighting without basic rules and training, and a without any presence of medical professionals or equipment.

Underground boxing is illegal but if boxing is banned it would still exist. It is possible that if boxing was banned the people who support it would protest and there would be an uproar as with fox hunting.

Boxing matches are also held for charity were professional boxers fight for a paying audience were the money is donated to charity.

The BBBC are still making changes, to make this sport safer. The sport is now safer than sports such as show jumping, which the no talk to ban.

Here is a series of quotes from the Daily Express (summer 2004) regarding Amir khan’s silver Olympic, display that boxing is extremely positive, “Kahn is flying the flag for Asian sport.” this shows the sport is successful for all people whatever race or background. ” he can make an impact beyond the Olympics and improve race relations in Britain.” this also strongly supports boxing.

Jane Couch was the first woman to be licensed by the BBBC she says ” I’ve gained friends and a lot of respect. It allows me to travel all over the world.” without boxing she would be without all of this, should it really be taken away?

Even though I have discussed reason not to ban boxing there are many reasons why boxing is unfit to continue as a professional sport.

Firstly, the sport is intensity violent. the American Medical Association (AMA) states that since 1940 three hundred professional boxers have died as a result of accidents caused in the ring, this portrays the sport as one of hate, malice and excruciating pain. The British medical Association (BMA) represents 84% of British doctors and they believe boxing should be banned because of the threat to brain and eye injuries. If this argument was based on safety on medical grounds, it would surely be already banned.

The main aim of boxing is to knock the other boxer out as this is the fastest way to win, this is barbaric. To win any sport by knocking someone out is the most likely way to inflict damage to the brain. The violence inflicted by boxing matches is deliberate whereas with sports like rugby and show jumping the injuries are not meant to happen they are accidental. Further more, the sport give a poor impression to young children, even though most matches are shown after 9 o’clock, most children have television set in their bedrooms so still have access to the sport. The sport provokes violence in impressionable young people, especially boys, causing them to think fighting is acceptable in society. Most boxers are aggressive juveniles.

Another reason boxing should be banned is that boxers train not only to hurt each other but to show no mercy. These boxers actually enjoy inflicting harm on others. If a member of the public inflicted such harm on another Person they would be punished not praised.

The sport also encourages gabbling, forcing people against each other casing more violence. This sport brings out the worst in spectators with them chanting horrific things such as “kill him”.

Even though it is said that boxing rules have been improved the fight between Spencer Oliver and his opponent disproves this. Oliver was looking “weak and drained” but still the fight continued. After falling to the canvas looking like ” a scared young child seeking solace” he later became unconscious. This happened mainly because his opponent was at the top of his weight category were as Oliver was only there by a few pounds. A writer, Niall Hickman, states boxing ” I or anyone say to defend it while yet another young body lies in hospital”. more quotes from the Daily Express (summer 2004) against boxing are, referring to Amir khan’s Olympic fight are ” his opponent had been demolished.” the word demolished suggest that the opponent has been completely destroyed. From this is there much hope in boxing surviving.


I have decided to support boxing, even though the sport causes many injuries it is still the boxers’ freedom of choice whether or not to box and the audiences’ choice to watch. If it were to be banned it would cause protest as with fox hunting, it would still go on even If it were banned. Further more there are more positives to come from boxing than negatives. Boxers to that to participate in the sport means to get hurt . I strongly believe that it is the boxers choice , they know the risks. If a person wants to box it should be completely their own personal choice to decide what career they pursue. If people disagree with the sport then to participate in any area to do with the sport.

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