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1. Do you think a person will have better opportunities in life if he or she can use English? Why? 2. Tell your idea about the environment today. What should the students do to protect it? 3. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Your advice to your fellow friends. 4. Are you proud of our city? What makes you proud? As a student, what should you do to make it a better place? 5. What subject do you like best? Why do you like it? How do you study it well? 6. What do you think about TV programs and their affects on children? 7. What do you like best about our city? What would you do if your pen pal came to see you now? 8. Nowadays most children don’t like their parents. They think their parents are so strict with too many rules and high expectations. Do you think so? What do you wish your parents would be? What will you do to help your parents understand and believe in you? 9. Do you find Internet useful or not? What do you use Internet for? Which websites are your favorite ones? 10. Tell your opinion about violence at school. What should we do to help these aggressive children become helpful and good students? 11. What do you think about the importance of the media?

12. Nowadays trash is increasing everywhere and every day. What should we do with trash? 13. Is it better for people to stay alone or to be surrounded by friends? What characters do you think a true friend should have? 14. Getting information by reading books in the library or by surfing the net. Which do you prefer? Why? 15. Tell your opinion about the value of music in our life. 16. Are you confident enough to travel to an English-speaking country? What do you think about this saying: “Travel as a means of education” (đi một ngày đàng học một sàng khôn) 17. Tell an emotional story that makes you impressed.

18. Tell about your favorite hobby.
19. Does everyone need close friends in life? Why or Why not? 20. Do you think that students should go to school in uniform? Why? 21. Do you want to live in a city or in the country? Why ? 22. What TV program attracts most teenagers nowadays? List some reasons. 23. Who is/are the most important persons in your life (up to now)? Why? 24. Talk about advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Your advice to your fellow friends.

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