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In our today’s life we are full of stress. We have less time and a lot of studies.
One day in the morning. My watch alarmed that I was late to school. I jumped off my bed and ran towards the bathroom to get myself ready. I looked into the mirror and screamed loudly. “O God, how am I looking so fat.” I couldn’t believe it. Maybe it was my glasses which were dirty. I cleaned my spectacles and wore them back, but it was still the same. My mother scolded me for shouting so loudly. This reminded me of school. I still don’t know how I was able to fit into my school dress. But somehow I did it. Then I ran downstairs, pushed a slice of bread into my mouth and ran to school. I literally ran the whole way, even fell down and got hurt in the knee maybe due to my increased weight. I got up and somehow reached school but I was very late so I was not allowed to go in. I started crying so I was taken in with a warning. I went inside the classroom and found that the teacher was checking the home work.

I searched inside my bag and found that I left the notebook at home even after doing the home work. Of course the teacher scolded me. The periods just passed. During the break, while I was eating my tiffin, I had collided with a boy and this time my tiffin fell down and I had to sit alone. I thought of talking to some of my friends but they were too busy to talk. Everything had been going wrong since morning. This is all because of my sudden increasing of fat. I was very upset. I went home. No sooner did I enter the house than my mother started to shout at me. I had misplaced her glasses and so she was unable to do anything even cook. There was no food to eat. Then she looked at me and said “why are you wearing my glasses?” “Oh my God!” was my reaction.

Now I understood why things had happened that way. Actually in a hurry I had taken my mother’s spectacles. My weight actually had not increased It was just because I was wearing the wrong spectacles. I didn’t see the stone in front of me and so I fell, the wound was just a scratch, and the home work notebook was there inside my bag. A pair of glasses had completely turned my life upside down.

Apart from this, what I have learnt is when things seem to be going on wrong in the world actually it’s the wrong glasses which we wear. All we need to do is put on the right one and everything will be turned to just the way as we want to see it.

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