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Envision yourself being not able to walk, unable to see, and can barley breathe, let alone speak. Your life was decently lived until this very moment. You are in horrendous pain that you are unable to cry. Despite the fact that your family is there for you every step of the way, as you begin to wonder, could ending your life be the answer for the pain to stop? Lying in the hospital bed all day, and all you can think about is that your life has no significance anymore. In all actuality, this is not something anybody needs to envision or experience, but this is a genuine circumstance for many individuals. These people should be able to make their own commands and have control of their own lives. A lot of people do not know what euthanasia is. It is a Greek term meaning ‘good death.’ It implies that if you are in the hospital and doctors know you will not survive they can make it painless. Euthanasia should be legal because it gives the right to choose how an individual wants to live or die, save money with their medical bills, and it also stops the person from having a poor quality of life.

To begin with, deciding if you want to live or not is a personal decision, neither the doctor nor the government should have a say in your decision. It is not their choice; they cannot settle on that sort of choice for you on the grounds that it is absolutely impossible that they can envision themselves in your shoes. It may sound like suicide but it is very different. The government gives us the liberty to decide our job, and religion so why should they not give us the right to decide if we want to live or not? That should be the first right before all the ones I have mentioned. It’s not logical that we can choose in other decisions if we cannot first make the decision of life and death for ourselves.

It has been argued that for people that are on life support systems and people with long standing diseases casing pain and distress, euthanasia is a better choice. It helps with relieving them from pain and misery. In cases like terminal cancer, where the patient is in so much pain and when people associated with them are also are put through pain and misery, it is much more practical to grant the person his or her wish to end his or her life in relatively painless way. Human beings have the right to choose how they want to live and die. Their decisions stay with them and people hold their own key to life. If you have the key to your own life then the choice is made by one and hence if one wants to go for euthanasia it should be allowed. He or she has a definite reason to why they want to leave the world.

Secondly, the essential motivation behind why euthanasia is a good decision is because it prevents patients from having a poor quality of life. Having a patient suffer is not giving them a better quality of life. When doctors reach this point, they should be allowed to grant the patient whatever he or she wants since, they cannot offer something better. If the doctor has tried all different sorts of treatments and they know you won’t survive euthanasia should be an option.

Helping a patient who is suffering and offering euthanasia is a better quality of life and it’s the best option for him as long as the patients want it. When a patient is not getting the quality of life they want, the least a doctor can do is grant them what they want. If the patient’s decision is to die, so be it. Spending whatever remains of your life on a hospital bed or ‘death bed’ being unable to do the things you ordinarily do, does not characterize a good quality of life to a lot of people. Euthanasia or physician assisted suicide is the best thing a doctor can offer to a dying patient since he or she cannot offer the patient something that will make their condition better.

Lastly, the economic factor, some families do not have enough money to pay for needed medical bills knowing if the patient is not going to get any better. In a way, we are just spending money on a situation that won’t improve. Imagine, they are in unbearable pain and the family is praying that it takes no longer or to simply end their life. If the patient wants to end their life, why not do it for them if we cannot end the huge amount of money wasted on treatment that won’t help, but worsen it instead. For those who are terminally ill, they do not want to be an emotional and financial burden to their families. Initially it would be unfair to their families but in the long run, their decision to give up on life would help their families greatly. Due to financial short comings, some patients cannot afford to pay those expensive hospital bills and thus, mercy killing as their last resort. Why pay for medical care when you know your condition is not going to get any better?

How can one say that your life is not worth living anymore? No one but you can decide on this matter. Life and death is a personal decision. Your family, friends, doctors and even the government cannot help change your opinion. Euthanasia can be considered a good option. Let’s talk about euthanasia in numbers! According to statisbrain.com 54% of medical practitioners support euthanasia. 81% of the public was known to think that a person suffering unbearably from a terminal illness should be allowed by law to have medical help to die if he or she wants. Several people are suffering as we speak right now! You should put yourself in their shoes just for a moment! Do you think we should let them live such a worthless and pitiable life? Think about it, euthanasia is about giving people the right to choose how they want to live and die, saves money with their medical bills, and it also stops the person from getting depressed.

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