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A very good morning to our respected principal, dedicated teachers and fellow students. First of all, I wish to thank the principal for giving me this golden opportunity to stand before you and deliver a speech. Now, I would like to talk to all of you today on health care. Why should we have a health care? Undoubtedly, health is better than wealth. But nowadays, many of us live sedentary lives. We come to school and remain seated most of the time for our lesson. When we go home, we spend a lot of time watching television or doing our revision. After a long time, we will suffer health problems. If you want to live a longer life, health care should be your own responsibility.

Firstly, we should get a balanced diet every day. A balanced diet is one which has the right amount of carbohydrate, proteins and other materials. Our bodies need nutrients to build up and repair tissues, thus, you are encouraged to eat plenty of vegetable and fresh fruits which are essential for our body. Besides, we should reduce our intake of high salt and sugar, for instance, fast food and process food. If we take too much of it, it lead to health problem such as heart attack, hypertension, obesity and so on. Avoid junk food altogether. Remember to consume more fibre to prevent constipation.

Next you must have an enough exercise because all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy. Exercise is a prerequisite to good health. We should have physical exercises such as jogging, climbing mountain, cycling, jungle trekking and more. Sports can promote strong muscles strong and improve blood circulation. As we all know, exercise can help us to release our stress and unwind ourselves. Moreover, we can keep our body in shape and lose weight.

In addition, we need to have sufficient sleep because we are still growing up. We must get enough rest to make us exuberant, vigour and vitality. Therefore, we can concentrate better during we study. Make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the room to make us sleep comfortably which lead to good health. Remember! Never to burn the midnight oil!

Furthermore, we have to develop good habits. We must avoid bad habits like smoking, taking drugs and drinking too much of wine. It is disheartening to see that the number of students who smoke in our school is on the rise. Kick these bad habits and say ‘No’ to those bad habits. Instead, we can do some activities like planting, playing games and more which are able to help us to release stress and also relax our mind. Nowadays, many students like to be a book worm and neglect the importance of sport. So, students should participate more actively in some healthy activities besides studying.

At last, we have to develop a positive outlook. When we encounter any problems or difficulties, don’t easily give up and become pessimistic. Friends, you must cheer up and become an optimist. We should think everything in good side. We can also find other ways like seeking to a counselor or friend to lend their helping hands to us. If we keep thinking of good constantly, we can solve problems easily. Having good attitude can give a good impression to other people.

This is all for my speech today. All in all, prevention is better than cure. I hope you will follow the advice given. Remember friends, “Health is wealth”.

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