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Speech on Self Actualization Essay Sample

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Speech on Self Actualization Essay Sample

Good morning to honorable judges, all teachers and all fellow students. My name is Irvie Nadhifa Miladya. Today in this beautiful occasion please let me speak about the topic that I have chosen, it’s about self actualization. What is it really self actualization? What would come to your mind when you listen to this term? Self actualization is a need that everybody has. Our need is not only about the food we eat, the place we sleep in, or the clothes we wear. Sometimes, we are not really care or maybe, because of lack of the information that makes our community not really care about this need, when actually this need is one of the most important things we should care about. Right now I’m standing in front of you speaking about self actualization is because I’m trying to actualize myself too. Everybody has their own way to actualized theirselves. For example, a baby cries to get an attention from the parents. Brief, self actualization is how the ones express what inside them to get an attention from their environment. I will talk further about self actualization for teenager because I believe the teenage is the time when all systems of hormonal inside our body need to be shown.

We should thanks to the organization extra culicullar that gives the teenagers opportunity to actualize in positive way. Regretly, that some of teenagers are not as lucky as we are. That bad, they have to fight on a road or we call that student brawl, where these young potential body get hurt or even get killed, what a ways? Todays another example ways to actualized ourselves by the thing we call social network, like facebook, twitter or blog. Like any other thing, these developments of technology also bring two sides of effect. First is the positive side. It’s positive because it helps people mostly teenager to express themselves create something big on their blog, uploading their pictures on facebook or tweet on twitter. Nothing bad about this, but sometimes people get too much.

When people expressed the negative side such as, tweeting a bad word, harassing other people or show off of the things that should have not be shared. So considering all I have said what a conclusion we can get? It’s a need that everybody has the right to do to express themselves. It can be done by choosing the way world can offer. Can be positive or negative. Only we can decide which way we should take. In this case for teenager like us the supervision and the guidance of our parents, teachers and respected older people around us are really necessary. We should thank to our parents, teachers and other older people around us that have been distributed the kindness and uncountable love they have shown during their guidance. That’s all my speech, thank you for your attention and have great day with The Lord’s almighty blessing.

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