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Some among us wonder how to love the nature and save the planet? We as a student, sometimes contribute in destroying mother earth, by littering. Even elderly people too sometimes throw rubbish into the rivers and not in proper disposal places.

Most of the time we can notice children throw rubbish at road sides and outside of the shopping complex. For example Ice creams – paper, Can drinks, fruits and other things. Ladies and Gentlemen,

By throwing rubbish we are making our living place and country dirty. Also the left- over food from the container and plastic which we throw became stale and deliver harmful gases. It can spread disease and pollute the air thus infecting others.

By throwing rubbish into rubbish bin and in-proper disposal place, we can avoid spreading disease. We can keep our planet clean and a healthier place to live.
One day I had a chance to contribute something to save our environment. This is what happened. I recalled seeing a poster in the school canteen about a competition for the best ways to save the environment one of the suggestions in the middle of the list was to encourage every class to reuse paper by having a section in the class room for putting papers that could be used again.

Another suggestion was to put posters in the school to encourage students to reuse, recycle and reduce. Examining the list more closely, the last suggestion caught my eye. It was to start a newsletter on ways to save the environment.

After deciding on what to do, I divided the classmates into groups and assigned different tasks to everyone. The first thing we did that day after school was to design the posters. I reminded everyone that paper which looked nice with a lot of decorations were probably not environmentally –friendly. Ladies and Gentlemen,

Instead, we used recycled paper. The posters did not take long to complete. However, we were scolded by our teacher for wasting paper as there was a lot of litter around after we completed our work. Writing the newsletter was not an easy task too. I surfed the Internet for more information about saving our environment.

It took a long time for us to come up with four pages of news letter. However, it was the most interesting idea among the groups in the competition and we easily won the top prize, which was five hundred dollar voucher. The judges also liked our idea of having a `recycled paper ’corner which was very popular in every classroom.

Our win in the competition made everyone environmentally conscious and with some classes reporting an overflow of paper there. Students from other classes also volunteered to join our team to help us with the news letter. I was glad that my classmates and I were able to do our part to save the environment.

How about you? You too can do on your part to save the environment. Surely, if each of us put our hand together to come up with something for our mother nature, surely we can live in a more save environment .Remember prevention is better than cure.

Deep down from our hearts, let all of us love our planet Earth .With this I end my speech.

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