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Spirituality is unique to each individual. Your spirit usually refers to the deepest part of you, the part that lets you make meaning of your world. Your spirit provides you with the revealing sense of who you are, why you are here and what your purpose for living is. It is that innermost part of you that allows you to gain strength and hope. Spiritual wellness may not be something that you think much of, yet its impact on your life is unavoidable. The basis of spirituality is discovering a sense of meaningfulness in your life and coming to know that you have a purpose to fulfill. For some, spirituality may be equated with traditional religions such as Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. For others, it may mean growing in your personal relationships with others, or through being at peace with nature. Spiritual health is an important component of an individuals well being and an integral aspect of the holistic health philosophy. Physical, mental and spiritual healths are deeply intertwined and have a profound effect on one another.

Ways to Enhance Your Spiritual Health:
There are many different spiritual paths and no one can tell another which is the right one to choose. Each of us must follow the yearnings of our own soul or true self. Religion and spirituality are not one in the same. Spiritual connection is about finding meaning and purpose in your life, discovering who you truly are and connecting with the sources that provide you inner strength, comfort, hope and inner peace. Be still and listen. Tune into your inner voice and identify what it is that makes you feel whole and connected to the universe. When do you feel most fulfilled and complete? What gives you inner peace, comfort, strength and harmony? For some it may be a daily ritual such as meditation, yoga or the law of attraction, while for others it may be weeding the garden, watching the sunset, taking a walk or other forms of getting back to nature. Others may find it through community service, art, music or dance. The sources of spiritual fulfillment are many. Your spiritual health as well as your emotional and physical health may be improved by cultivating more humor and gratitude in your life. Remembering to appreciate the simple things in life and not taking yourself too seriously.

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