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We, the Fourth year students of the Bachelor in Transportation Management of the College of Tourism, Hospitality and Transportation Management of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, will be organizing the 5TH Annual Transportation Convention entitled “Logistics Discovery: Magnifying the Core behind the Industry” on September 26, 2013 (Friday), Hyatt Hotel Manila with an estimated attendees of 250 as part of the partial fulfillment of our requirements in the major subject TOUR 2054 Convention and Events Management.

The said activity has the following objectives:

1. To build a strong relationship and linkages between the students and different private sectors. 2. To educate each and every students with the future careers waiting for them. 3. To give inspirations and provide useful information and course related opportunities. With this intention, we are asking for your good office to assist us in making an efficient execution of the aforementioned event:

May we request the following from your good office for:

* An event streamer as our main sponsor
* 250 loot bags
* Product sampling

In return for your support:

* Acknowledgement by the emcee * Exposure of company’s logo in the event’s tarpaulin * Exposure of screen commercials during the registration and break time * Display of company’s tarpaulin or poster in the venue * Distribution of product flyers to all the delegates

* Product lock out

Your involvement will make our convention event an extra special event. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned, RAZEL A. PADILLA (0916-7373130 or 0905-7918664) or YNA FUENTES (0935-2714293) and KEVIN JUSTINE GASPAR (0916-7391108).

Thank you very much!

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