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Sslc Model Papers Essay Sample

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Sslc Model Papers Essay Sample

Time Allowed :2.30 Hours][ Maximum Marks : 75
Instruction: Check the question paper for fairness of printing. If there is any lack of fairness, inform the Hall Supervisor immediately. Note :This question paper contains three Sections.
(Marks: 15) Note : i) Answer all the 15 questions.
ii) Choose the correct answer from the four alternatives
given in the brackets.15 x 115
1.Theory of natural selection was proposed by
(Charles Darwin, Hugo de Vries, Gregor Johann Mendel, Jean Baptise Lamarck) 2.The first vaccine injected into a just born baby is_
(Oral polio, DPT, DPT and oral polio, BCG)
3.In sexual reproduction of flowering plants the first event involved in this is

(fertilization, germination, regeneration, pollination)
4.The xylem in the plants are responsible for_
(transport of water, transport of food, transport of amino acid, transport of oxygen) 5.green house gas which causes climate change and global warming. (Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbondioxide)

6.The particles in various forms are visible only under ultramicroscope. A solution containing such particles is called, (true solution, colloidal solution, suspension, water)
7.pH = -log10(H+). The pH of a solution containing hydrogen ion, concentration of 0.001m solution is_ (1, 3, 11, 14)
8.Gold does not occur in the combined form. It does not react with air (or) water. It is in_
(native state, combined state, mixed state, gaseous state)
9.Second group elements are called_
(alkali, alkaline earth metals, transition elements, minor transition elements)

10.IUPAC name of the first member of alkyne is, (ethane, ethyne, ethane, acetylene) 11.The weight of 50 kg person at the surface of earth is_
12.The potential difference required to pass a current 0.2A in a wire of resistance 20 ohm is_ (100V, 4V, 0.01V, 40V)
13.The Sl units of electric power is_ (Joule, Volt, Watt, Coulomb) 14.An electric current passing through a metallic conductor produces_ around it.
(heat, light, magnetic field, mechanical force)
15. The Hubble space telescope design with twois known for good imaging performance over a wide field of view. (plane mirrors, hyperbolic mirrors, concave mirrors, convex mirrors) SECTION -II
(Marks: 40)

Note :Answer any twenty questions.
16.Match the following : Diseases with symptoms
a.NyctalopiaProfuse loss of blood
b.Pernicious anemiaBleeding gums
c.ScurvyNight blindness
d.HaemorrhageDestruction of RBC

20×2 =40

17.Identical twins are syngenic with similar chromosomal contents. Natural clones are those who posses identical chromosomes. Fill up with suitable word given in brackets. a.Identical twins are(natural clones, induced clones)

b.Identical twins are(dissimilar to each other, similar to each other) 18.Human brain and the functions of different parts are given above. Mark (a)and (b)

a.Seat of smell


b.Seat of vision


19.Convct the statement if they are ¥110 .
a.Alpha cells pmduce Insulin and beta cells produce glucagon. b.Cortlacna auppre•= the Immune rn spen!18.
c. Thymus gland is a lymphoid mass.
d. OvaJY produces eggs and androgen.
20.Basad on ralatlonshlp lllllntha blanks : ThjroJCina: Penlonality harmone Adrenaline : 21.Draw the diagram and label the parts.

22.Write the three important parta of uriniferous tubules.
23.Observe the diagram

a.Mention the type of movements shawn In Figure A and B.
b. How does the ITIIMiment differ fram the movement of mirnaea. 24. Based on relationship 1111 up :
Whale: Baleen plates, Bat: ——
25.Fill inthe blarn :

Elli:teloty cqan

Elli:telo.y pnxtuclsSent out as



Decompo …/(Green

‘p’la”n”ts J
a.Name the process noted as No. 1and 3.
b.Define the process 1.
c.Name anyone fossil fuel.
27.A non-renewable resource is a natural resource. If it is replaced by natural process at a rate comparable or faster than its rate of consumption by human. Read this statement and confirm whether it is correct or incorrect. If it is incorrect statement.

28.Describe: Energy conservation.
29.What are the bio fuels used for transportation?
30.Distinguish between the saturated and unsaturated solution using the data given below at a temperature of 25″C. (NaCI is 36 g) a.16 g NaCI in 100 g waterb. 36 g NaCI in 100 g water
31.Find the concentration of solution in terms of weight percent if 20 gram of common salt is dissolved in 50 gram of water. 32.Fillin



33.Why does the colour of copper sulphate change when an iron nail is kept in it? Justify your answer. 34.The hydroxide ion concentration of a
solution is 1.0 x 10-9m. What is the pH of the solution?

35.a. Any metal mixed with mercury is called amalgam. The amalgam used for dental filling is_ i.Ag – Sn amalgamii. Cu- Sn amalgam


b. Metals present in brass are_ (Zn, Cu/Cu, Fe/Fe/, AI/AJ, Cu) 36.Iron reacts with cone HCI and Cone. H 04 acids. But, it does not react with Cone. HNOa. Why?
37.Diamond is the hardest allotrope of carbon. Give reason for its hardness. 38.Differentiate mass and weight
39.Assertion (A) :Liquid nitrogen Is the most commonly used element In cryogenics. Reason {R):It is not legally purchasable around the world.
a.Both (A) and (R) are correct
b. (A) is WRJ but (R) is correct.
c. Both (A) and (R) are wro .
d. (A) is correct but (R) is wro .
40. Draw this diagram and label the parts.




41.1n the list of non conventional sources of energy given below, some of them are wro . List out the wrong ones.
(wind energy, solar energy, hydro electric power, nuclear energy, tidal energy, wave energy, geothennal energy) 42. Draw the schematic diagram of an electric circuit consisting of a batiBry of two cells of 1.5V each, three resistance of 5ohm and 15ohm respectively and a plug key, all connected In sertes.

43.Match the following Inthe case of a convex lens
Position of the object•Relative size of the image
a.Beyond 2Finfinitive large
b. At 2Fdiminished

c. Between Fand 2F
d. At focus F

same size

$.ntiYAGARAJAN, Mtc.,B..ed.,
c.ll: tlt4884148




44.A concave lens has focal length of 15 em. At what distance should the object from the lens be placed, so that it forms an image 10 em from the lens? 45.Fill in the blanks :
a.For a motor : a permanent magnet, then commercial motor_ b.Focal length of a lens : meter, then for power of a lens_

(Marks: 20)
Note: i) Answer any four questions by choosing one question from each part. ii)Each question carries five marks.
iii)Draw diagram wherever necessary.
46.List the recent advances made in bio-technical field through a chart.

Organic acids

47.There is a widespread outbreak of malaria in your area.
a.Suggest some controlling measures to the local authorities concerned. b.Pick out the right symptom for malaria.
(chill and shiver and a rise in temperature , diarrhea)
48.Write the two events involved in the sexual reproduction flowering plants. a.Discuss the first event and write the types.
b.Give the advantages and disadvantages of that event.
49.In your area there is scarcity of water. Due to this the people are affected. So what are the measures to be taken by you to meet out the scarcity of water? PART -Ill
50.a. List out the differences between atoms and molecules. b. Find the number of moles in copper containing 12.046 x 1022 molecules. S.THIYAGARAJAN, Msc.,B.ed.,(10 BIOLOGY) P.G. ASST. IN BIOLOGY

Cell: 9944664846


51.a. Define esterification. Give its chemical reaction.
b. Write any two uses of ethanol.

52.a. Newton’s first law of motion gives a qualitative definition of force.Justify. b.10mls5 m/sF,12mls4mls
8-8- 8-8–
The figure represents two bodies of masses 10 kg and 20 kg and moving with an initial velocity of 10 ms”1and 5 ms”1 respectively. They are colliding with each other. After collision they are moving with velocities 12ms•1and 4ms•1 respectively. If the time of collision be 2 sec, calculate F1 and F2.

53.a. Re-draw the above diagram
b.This diagram represents_
c.Label the parts of the diagram.
d.Write the principle of the device denoted in the diagram. R

s r•..”.\.-c

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