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A research process has various steps, the most important step will be what the main focus of correction. Needing to clarify the research question what one is aiming for in the research process? Within this process one will develop progressively breaking down the main questions in to better specific ones. Within the following paragraphs I will talk about the principle of the articles regarding records management journal and digital records management researches. Determining the research questions and hypothesis that researched in the articles, then I will pinpoint the dependent and independent variables in each article as well. Inside the first article about records management journal. The author in this journal referred a questionnaire to several records management companies, directing the quality management department to fill them out.

The question on the questionnaire consent of both open minds and closed minded questions. The questions set in place where to find out about the quality of records management, what was the motivation to obtain certifications and the benefits if any. Next I found research on a way that research was performed in Canada, in this research they focused on the research in digital records management. With International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems or InterPares for short, is structured with sixteen different team that specifically concentrating on building solutions to have accessibility of digital records in a variation of groups not simply just records management. With the change of times digital records have become a major part in society’s way of information productions since they all assist with human activities and interactions. Focusing on the main research question that needs to be broken down into specifics is, the type of certification that a records management company have and the value in keeping the records managed.

With the question presented it breaks down other questions into categories, such as which issues could be corrected are the need for improvement in order to achieve certifications, when doing the research and the matters that were discovered are being address and solutions are found to correct it and receive their certifications. Research within the other company main question was the efficiently transferring the original documents into digital format. The team at the company performed fourteen studies to be tested by various organizations. This is being done due to the new era so an effective method in this technology from the threats that can happen. With the proposal that are being sent out are aimed in developing policies, and tools use to assessing the digital records. Presenting research questions that have a dependent and independent variable.

Looking at and dependent variable may change since it depends on other factors to change. And with an independent variable it stands alone not affected by others because they not change. Looking at the first research the dependent variable is the quality of record management that each company is will to present to the customers and the specifics the companies are acquiring certifications in document storage. In the second research the dependent variable is the way the records have authentication of the digital images and the access to the original documents. Each company has its own independent variables and send out the questionnaire with help in answering all of the research questions.

When observing all areas of research it is not easy and many steps have to be taken in order to succeed with the challenge. Research is set in the place to figure out the important steps to figure out the questions needed. Marinating a particular area for the questions used in research will keep the situation for getting out of hand and escalating to absence proportions. Focus and concentrate in specific areas and the research will be clear. Performing the dependent and independent variables in research is and process of elimination when identifying the common denominator and the opposites with conducting research.


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