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The field of business has always intrigued me, ever since my teenage. I was fascinated by the way businesses are run and hence my interest in business management. This deep rooted ambition of being an entrepreneur has pushed me to pursue msc management in your famed institution. I aspire to become a successful manager, one who can effectively contribute in the working of his organization. My initial goal immediately after my graduation is to obtain a rigorous, demanding yet rewarding position in this profession. After gaining a few years of work experience I desire to have a business venture of my own.

My three years of under graduate study in commerce at S.R.M Arts and college, Chennai has given me the right blend of knowledge and exposure about accounting,economics and business.the course being commerce,it gave me a diverse knowledge about financial accounting,management accounting,business economics,business statistics,business taxation,business laws and business communication.these courses instilled in me the importance of management for the successful maneuvering of a business.the distinctive obligation of an entrepreneur include planning,organizing,staffing,controlling and execution. When these responsibilities are put together it eventually results in a lucrative entrepreneurship. In the era of globalization, managerial skills play a vital role in determining the success of a business venture.

My schooling at St.Micheal’s academy,Chennai imbibed in me a sense of responsibility and discipline in all aspects of my life. Having graduated from a school of high caliber it has moulded me into a exquisite and implicit entrepreneur in various fields of life.i then had the privilege of being admitted into S.R.M Arts and science college,Chennai which is affliated to the university of madras,one of the oldest and renowned universities in india.these three years played a vital role in enriching my knowledge about accounts, economics ,management, tax laws and auditing.the profound curriculum has given immense knowledge about each field of study.apart from academics it helped me hone my extra-curricular skills.i was given the opportunity to be a part of the department of commerce cultural team.

It broadened my horizon of knowledge of business and management in form of business quiz, best manager, just a minute, etc.Though music not being a field of much experience to me,recongnizing my potential the head of the department of commerce professor R.Vasudevaraj entrusted in me the onus of a co-ordinator to form a musical band for the department.Through the curriculum of my studies and lectures,I widened my comprehension of business principles while learning about commerce and its relation to business management.

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