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I wish to introduce myself as , a prospective student aspiring to pursue my Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering for 2010. With impressive feedback from my seniors studying in your esteemed college and while perusing the Internet extensively I gathered valuable information on the courses listed by you. This made me choose your college, the best offering this course.

Technology and its myriad aspects fascinate me! Specifically the Electronics stream that pervades all areas of business in today’s world. Electronics is an emerging and continuously evolving field and we have seen constant growth more so in the past decade. Right from robots to electronic devices/products to making inroads into fields like Communication, Entertainment and Banking it has brought about vast changes to ones life style and surroundings. It also inspired generations now, scientists and engineers are working on concepts that will become applications in various fields. I have focused my academic pursuits towards this end.

As a school student, I have had a strong aptitude for Science related subjects with a constant urge to experiment and try out new things. With family members in the engineering profession who became my role models, I burnt the midnight oil to prove my mettle with successful results. I scored an excellent score of ninety percent that made it easy to pursue my dream of becoming an Electronics Engineer.

I went on to pursue my Bachelors of Engineering with specialisation in Electronics and Communication Engineering from a reputed University. I am happy to state that I obtained “Above Average” scores across my entire school and engineering days. Like a duck in the water I was quickly absorbing and assimilating information and knowledge in topics like Computer Architecture, Wireless Networks, Microwave Engineering and VLSI design to name a few. I put in concerted efforts on very front starting from academic pursuits, sports activities and social initiatives besides equipping myself with required skill set. I completed an advanced course on Embedded Systems from a reputed training centre that enhanced my technical capabilities.

Being an avid reader I constantly keep myself abreast with the latest technology up-gradation and research topics that not only broadened my horizons but exposed me to the latest global strides in the area of chip technology. This kindled a spark to carry out an extensive study on the topic- titled “Nanotechnology in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment”. I devised a PowerPoint presentation and delivered a lecture at a state level seminar/symposium. It was an eye-opener as I went in-depth to understand the technology and its value for the health and wellbeing of society.

In the meantime I tried my hand at developing models/tools that was user-friendly and innovative. My project assignment named RFID Based Smart Book-Shelving System with value-added features helped trace-out misplaced books at the library. It involved both usages of software and hardware applications that saved significant time required in manual checks. I achieved a deep sense of satisfaction having obtained excellent grades for overall performance in this project.

With core knowledge gained during my engineering studies I ventured to acquire hands-on experience by getting myself trained at a state-of the-art semi-conductor chip based Indian R&D Organisation working on the design of a 32 bit RISC processor. I garnered a plethora of concepts & methodologies and realized the importance of design and programming applications as invaluable tools in developing a chip. I acquired in-plant training in 8085 Microprocessor Assembly Language Programming getting into grips of the technology aspect. Being interested to share my knowledge base I delivered lectures at seminars on varied design techniques for diverse groups. This experience enabled me to crystallize my goals to make my career in the area of Electronics design.

In the future I see myself as person who can contribute to advancements in micro/nano electronic devices that will result in dramatic reductions in cost with increased computing power. I would like to gain foothold in downscaling transistors, investigating new materials like compound semi-conductors and microlithography. To achieve this I would be interested in gaining exposure to cutting-edge technologies in the area of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. On completion of the course I have a strong desire to pursue my research in the area of VLSI design that will tap my inventive curiosities with fervor and hope to be a part of the pioneering research being conducted in the areas of VLSI design.

My goal is to come back to my country with adequate knowledge and experience gained so as to harness my expertise in this rapidly advancing field.

I bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals in Electronics & Communication Engineering, a penchant for teamwork, leadership abilities, building a network of strong and lasting relationships with teachers, fellow students with constant thirst for new challenges.

I strongly feel that Masters in Electronics & Electrical Engineering program from……. is a highly structured program because it provides the right balance between theory and practice. A premier seat of knowledge and information derived from the cream of intelligentsia coupled with excellent infrastructure is where I would get ample opportunities to apply my knowledge and develop robust models/tools. I write to you with the earnest that my background and qualifications will be found suitable for admission to this prestigious program, Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from your University. I am confident that I will do proud to your Institute.

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