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Status of Women in Islam Essay Sample

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Status of Women in Islam Essay Sample

Woman is one of the most lucrative creatures of God that have played a very crucial and imperative role in continuation of this world. She has been a mother, sister, wife, and fulfilled her responsibilities in a number of other jobs. Since centuries, people have debated over the status of women in different societies and religions; however, it is noted that even after numerous debates and intellectual discussions, women have not been able to enjoy their deserving status. In continuance of such tradition of debate and discussion, this paper will endeavor to discuss the status of woman that is specified in Islam in light of its Holy Scripture, the Holy Quran, which will provide an authentic elucidation of the subject.

            One of the major reasons of unequal attitude with women in Islamic society is misunderstanding of the terms; equality and sameness. It should be noted that God has created every human being based on equality; however, no human could be equally same at the same time. Similarly, Quran has given an equal status to woman in Islam, while providing a distinction between man and woman in terms of their characteristics, rather than rights. Allah stated in Quran that male and female have been created from a single pair, and then, divided into nations and tribes, so that they may know each other (Quran, 49:13; cf: 4:1). In this regard, Quran provided an equal status to woman from the beginning of human era, which shows the importance and significance of woman in Islam.

            In terms of property, Quran has given significant importance to woman, as it has been stated in Quran that property left by parents should be shared by men, as well as, women regardless of its amount, which shows that Quran has given a significant societal status to women. Such societal status has been supported by sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad, who once declared that it is obligatory for every men and women to acquire education. Provision of education is itself an expression of rights and status, as an educated person can play an imperative and influential role in the society. In this regard, it would be erroneous to state that Islam has no significant guidance regarding the status of woman, which is a common perspective of present era, in which, women are not being treated as deserved and guided in the Holy Quran.

            Discrimination between man and woman has not been tolerated in Islam, and particularly, the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran has used the term ‘reproach’ for individuals that consider women inferior to men (Quran, 16:57-59). Similarly, woman has been honored and treated as sacred in the Holy Quran. At the same time, it has treated her as an equally punishable citizen of this world. According to Quran, penalty no less than man should be given to woman, in case of any offense. On the other hand, due reimbursements equal to man should be given to woman, in case of any harm or wrongdoing. (Quran, 2:178)

            In brief, woman plays an important role in every society, and Islam has given an imperative and significant role to woman. Although the dignified status of woman has been distorted due to different social influences; however, divine guidance of the Holy Quran has regarded woman as an equal member of the human society. Conclusively, the paper has discussed some of the significant aspects of status of woman in Islam, and particularly in the Holy Quran. It is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic.

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