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In the present time, physical appearance is considered to be one of the most important criteria in measuring a person’s worth. In applying for a job, a person has to have the right look or in the dating world, judgement on a woman’s physicality is present. The way a person looks is mostly based on what is presented in the media through magazine spreads or TV infomercials. Hence, society builds a stereotypical norm of beauty.

Generally, physical appearance is dependent on one universal factor which is the visual media. How the media depicts as “perfect” sends a negative effect to the society. Just by looking at the happy faces of celebrities walking on red carpets, looking all dolled up, give a great impact to most females, most especially teens. It is an unpleasant fact to see how teens desperately try to change the way they look just to have the “perfect” face and bod when celebrities themselves look normal without make up on or with expensive clothes. Celebrities only look that way because it is their job to look pretty. They were not born with perfect bodies nor got it at one sitting. They are also trapped in a world full of criticism and judgement.

The media portrays an unrealistic standard of beauty which affects the society’s perception of what is truly beautiful. Being beautiful is not about being celebrity-thin or having that optimal model height—it is beyond that. Cliche as this may sound, but being the person that you are is what makes you beautiful. Real beauty should be appreciated on a person’s character not on their appearance.

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