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Sternwheeler Clyde Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Home Port: Northport Marina – Alma Wisconsin

Hull Information: model bow, semi v 10 ga.& 3/16″ steel construction, 4 compartments.
Hull Size: 44′ X 12′ X 1’4″ draft

Paddlewheel: 8’4″dia. x 9’4″ wide oak and iron construction 16 – 1×7 buckets (ash)
Engine Information: 4 cylinder 36 HP V1505 Kubota Diesel

Drive: Engine turns a variable displacement Eaton pump giving direction and speed on single control lever. Dual Eaton 6000 motors driving both sides of wheel thru 2:1 roller chain reduction. Secondary hydraulic pump furnishes power for hydraulic steering and 8″ bow thruster.

Builder Information: The CLYDE. was built over the past 12 years by my son Frank and I in our yard at Pepin. We started with a 36′ Whitcr

aft houseboat hull, cut a foot off the height, and reshaped the stern to provide rake for the wheel.

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Decks are of 14Ga steel. Cabins are wood. First launched June 22, 2001 in Alma, Wisconsin.

Superstructure: Wood construction, main cabin with galley and dinette. Full head, pilot bunks, and a master stateroom. Engine and Hydraulics set in the hull under the main cabin. All controls are located in the pilot house. Rubber membrane roofing. Hog chains are just for looks but they do manage to keep guests from falling off the roof.

Misc: The CLYDE. has fuel capacity of 2- 43 gal bow tanks, 1- 30 gal main tank, 50 gal water and waste tanks. She also carries 110 gallons of ballast tanks in the bow. She has twin main rudders ahead of the wheel. Tried monkey rudders but decided they were more trouble than they were worth. Engine cooling is through ss water to water heat exchangers. Engine exhaust is a custom ss hydrolift type muffler.

Narrative: The CLYDE was named after the rafter CLYDE, the first iron hulled boat (1870) on the upper Miss. My grandfather Frank Newcomb was pilot on the CLYDE and his brother Ike Newcomb was Master. When I was a kid, my dad built a 20′ sternwheeler with a 6 hp Briggs and this started the whole deal.

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