Story Essays


The Mysterious Phantom Limbs

This is a true story. Victor Quintero, a seventeen years old high school-er missing his left arm, sat quietly in the patient seat. Victor closed his eyes, as he kind of still couldn’t believe he was in a brain-research laboratory.

"The Little Black Sambo" by Helen Bannerman

I am Shaurya’s mother, Manvi, and I would like to make you realize that The Little Black Sambo is extremely racist as it portrays a stereotypical view of the Indian society. This book should not be taught to elementary students

The Open Ground

Discuss, in detail, how you would play either Audrey or Raymond in the selected scene. You will need to refer to voice, movement, gesture and facial expression as well as how your chosen character responds to others on the stage.

Mistress Teacher

“Mistress teacher,” – the words would normally conjure up the image of a lady, a teacher. If my memory serves me well, the portrait of the person who took care of me and my sister in our preschool years was

A Journey Into The Unknown

As we fell through what we felt was a bottomless hole and tunnel which was all bright and coloured in phosphorescent. We attempted to scream but no sound would escape. I thought that we had fallen into black hole, but

Short Story Coursework - Memories

We, as humans are a nostalgic breed, our memories are very important to us; we live to tell and retell our stories. These secure our futures and anchor our pasts. There are, or seem to be, three types of memory.

Report on a Dog Boy by The Policeman

2nd of February 2000 on Tuesday I had a phone call from the social worker about this boy who was missing from the children’s home. I was writing the missing report file while the social worker was describing the boy.

The Chapter 15 and 16 of "Pride and Prejudice"

The story of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen revolves around the actual words ‘pride’ and ‘prejudice’. Pride is where a haughty attitude shown by somebody who believes, often unjustifiably, that he or she is better than others. Her pride

Never Ending Pain

The endless bombardment of bombs on the enemy lines, was deafening to the point it was making violently sick on the solider in front of me, who to say the least, wasn’t at all pleased. The constant flashes of bright

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