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Story of Jack Ma Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Since my group is really interested in Adolf Hitler, I also want to do the research about another famous person named Jack Ma. People who know Jack Ma, would mention a saying—he is a man, whose appearance is in the negative proportion to his talents. This is the tittle of his autobiography. In my impression, Jack Ma is a man, who has a deep cheekbone, curved hair, and naughty grins, with less than 160cm in height, and near 45 kg in weights—an appearance of a urchin. This is who Jack Ma is. Among the well achieved, Jack Ma is the most typical representative for such a saying. I also heard that he applied for the waiter in KFC when he was young, and he was the only rejected among the some 20 applicants, because of his inelegant appearance.

It is said that Jack Ma likes handstand, and he once requested Alibaba’s newly employed staff to learn handstand. He has very powerful leadership skills, and his team always stands at his side, going through hardship, successfully building up China’s largest Ecommerce platform. Previously, little was indeed known about Jack Ma, and all above were all that we knew about Jack Ma. However, after the reading of these books, I became captivated by Jack Ma’s powerful personal charisma, and also his accomplishments. Nobody could believe that, a man, who took Gaokao twice and achieved “zero” twice in Mathematics, could stir up a big ripple in the realm of Internet, becoming the legend in the IT enterprise culture.

He once landed from his employees to pay for their salaries at the start-up period of Alibaba. Without money to give his employees bonus, he prayed them to live “nine thousands years of old”, dreaming he would give each of his employees a car in the days to come. Someone said he was liar, but he promised to them: we will succeed, and I will return you double what I owed you. Why would he insist on “professionally focusing on doing one thing?” For entrepreneurship, a violent crave would guide you to understand what you want to do, and what you want to make a change. After you were made clear, you will insist on.

Jack Ma chose to start up his own business, and he held on to it, because he knew he could finally make great accomplishment, if he carried on with the great expectation that he possessed in his chest. Compared with other starters, his success was not d

epended on lucks, but true efforts, and his efforts and stamina were undeniable and indisputable. He

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is a pride man, never succumbing to failure, brave to face reality, but in the actual life, he was so humble, captivating many people.

Jack Ma’s success could not simply boil down to his involvement in the line that was decades earlier than most! Perhaps, you think Jack Ma succeed out of occasional luck, while you yourself live in a bad time; Perhaps, you believe Jack Ma was loaded, while you barely possess a dime; Perhaps, you assume that Jack is favored the god of fortune, while you are followed by the bad lucks. However, you should remember that Jack Ma flunked in Gaokao twice, and had worked as the porter, the carter, the street vendor, etc.; You cannot forget that he shared a crowded room with other 35 persons, at the start-up period of Alibaba. Development was nurtured by founds from each one of the starters, and Jack Ma paid employee’s salaries by landing; Never forget that Jack Ma was only 162cm in height, and slightly over 50 kg in weight. When China Yellow Page was initially issued, people said he was just a fraud. Jack Ma’s success didn’t come from occasion, but the crystallization of courage and wisdom. It was the result of confidence, steadfastness, and the seamless combination of leadership and teamwork.

Jack Ma is the first entrepreneur in the mainland that is published on the American authority financial magazine, Forbes. Winding backing to the days when he was still poor, I beg even he himself could not imagine that he could accomplish what he is today. His route to success was so fluctuated that everyone lost faith on him, but he still moved on, being what he was. He bit his bullet, despite of the brute reality, failures, hardships, and sorrows. He never flinched, and was never daunted, always holding on to his faith, never saying giving up. In his eyes, there was always a sliver lining. In the end, we still had to carry on with the faith that there are still dreams in this world, as long as we consistently pay our efforts, and keep on studying, regardless of what you look like, and who you are. A man’s appearance is in the negative proportion to his talents. Today is brute, tomorrow will be even more, but the day after tomorrow will turn better. Most of people die on the night of tomorrow, so each of us should never give up today. I believe, perhaps, it is the saying that motivated Jack Ma to grow in the harsh conditions, and never give up that build up the legends of “today’s Alibaba’s empire”.

However, in the process of growing stronger, fun is never dampened. “Previously, I wanted to chase a objective, but today I am already brought into realization that the objective would never interrupt me enjoying the fun thereof”—Jack Ma spend his entire life doing what he is interested in, and he makes it,but he attaches more attention on the process. In the meantime, this is also where most people fail, because they focus more on processes than on results. Process itself is of fun, regardless what is. Most people mistake them, and that is why they fail.

Jack Ma brings us into realization that success is no just luck, and it is the accumulation of countless failures. Carrying on is victory. Never give up, and never complain. Bear the ordeal, and success is not far away from you.


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