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Students with Disabilities: Students who have a disability that may require assistance or accommodation, or students who have questions related to any accommodations for testing, note takers, readers, etc., please speak with the course instructor as soon as possible. Students may also contact the Office of Disabled Student Services (898-2783) with questions about such services.

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Jennings A. Jones College of Business Mission
The Jennings A. Jones College of Business seeks to provide the intellectual foundation for our students’ life-long learning and success. Drawing students extensively from the regional population with an increasing emphasis on national and international diversity, Jones College utilizes traditional and technology-based pedagogies to create a positive teaching/learning environment. In addition to a sustaining emphasis on quality teaching and learning through classroom research, student professional organizations, and advisory activity, the faculty of Jones College also contributes to business, professional, and civic affairs through public service and intellectual pursuits. Jones College commits to quality, accessibility, and value as guiding principles.


– Hill & Jones. 2013. Strategic Management Theory. 10th Edition. – The College of Business has subscribed to BusinessWeek Magazine for every student taking this class.


Strategic Management is a capstone course that enhances the understanding of why and how companies respond to environmental changes. The main objective of this class is to help the students to: – Integrate the materials learned in business courses (quantitative methods, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management, information systems, etc.), and – Gain experience in applying the tools or frameworks necessary to conduct the strategic analysis of business issues that companies face. To achieve such objective, the course will blend theory with practice as follows: – Using business examples, the instructor will explain the foundations of strategic management – Each student will apply key concepts by conducting the strategic analysis of one company


The final grade will be based on the following:

1. Exams:
– There will be three exams (two tests and a final). All exams will consist of multiple-choice questions – I will post test questions on S-drive the weekend before each test is given – The questions for the final will not be posted, as they will come from test questions – If you miss an exam, see me as soon as possible to arrange a time for you to take it in my office – Grades for the tests will be given the class session following each test – I don’t give grades by email or over the phone (if you don’t know a grade, come to my office) – If you want to discuss answers to test questions, come by the office (I do not discuss answers in class)

2. Attendance:
– MTSU policies and procedures about attendance include among others: + A student is expected to attend each class except in cases of unavoidable circumstances + Class attendance will be monitored during the term

– Attendance policies for this class:
+ Attendance will be taken at the end of class sessions
+ The students with perfect attendance will get all attendance points (50 points), plus 9 BONUS points
+ For the first three absences, you forgo 3 BONUS points each time you miss class
+ Beginning with the 4th absence, you lose 3 attendance points each class you miss class
+ Please be aware of the following about bonus points:
* You are not entitled to bonus points, as they are not a right, but a privilege * Therefore, the instructor has the discretion to grant or deny this privilege 3. Strategic analysis:
– Strategic analysis is an individual (as opposed to a group) assignment – Each student will conduct a strategic analysis of one company – Several students will be assigned the same company (and will seat around the same table) – The strategic analysis includes the following:

+ Reports: each student will write three reports on their company.
+ Peer assessments: each student will assess nine (three x three) reports written by other students + Discussion: at the end of the semester, each student will discuss his/her strategic analysis. – Detailed instructions and guidelines about the strategic analysis will be provided.

4. Grade criteria:

– Point distribution:
– Test #1
– Test #2
– Final200
Strategic analysis:
– Reports (how your peers assess your reports)
– Peer assessments (how you assess your peers’ reports)
– Discussion250

– Grading scale:
450 – 500A
400 – 449B
350 – 399C
300 – 349D
Below 300F

5. International Competencies Exam:
All business majors will be given an International Business Competencies Evaluation in BUAD 4980. The evaluation will consist of objective questions over the materials presented in the required College of Business classes. After assessing students’ performance, College of Business faculty will evaluate curriculum coverage in international business to ensure that students are receiving appropriate learning opportunities in their required business courses. This is part of the College of Business effort to remain in good standing with the AACSB International: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB is an international agency that monitors and assesses quality standards for business colleges. Students are asked to do their best in answering the questions. A study sheet will be provided so students can prepare for the test.


Week ofAssignment
January 14Introduction
January 21Monday: NO CLASS (MLK Holiday)
– Explanation
– Company assignment
Chapter 1: Overview of strategic management
PART 1: STRATEGY ANALYSIS (Chapters 2 & 3)
January 28 Chapter 2: External analysis
February 04Chapter 3: Internal analysis

PART 2: STRATEGY FORMULATION (Chapters 4 through 10)
February 11Corporate strategies:
– Chapter 9: Integration strategies
– Chapter 10: Related and unrelated diversification
February 18 Business Strategies:
– Chapter 5: Generic strategies
– Chapter 4: Functional strategies

Friday: REPORT #1 DUE
February 25Monday: EXAM #1 (Chapters 1-5, 9 & 10)
March 04Business strategies (continued):
– Chapter 6: Business strategies and industry environment
– Chapter 7: Business strategies and technology
– Chapter 8: Business strategies and the global environment Friday: REPORT #2 ASSIGNED

March 11NO CLASS (Spring Break)
March 18Supplemental material: Other strategies
March 25 Monday: REPORT #2 DUE
PART 3: STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION (Chapters 11 through 13)
Chapter 12 & 13: Organizational structure
Supplemental material: Strategic leadership
April 01Strategic controls:
– Chapter 11: Corporate responsibilities and corporate governance – Organizational controls (discussed in chapters 12 & 13) April 08Monday:
EXAM #2 (Chapters 6-8, 11-13, supplemental materials) Wednesday: REPORT #3 DUE

April 15Monday – Friday: DISCUSSION
April 22Monday – Friday: DISCUSSION
April 29Monday – Wednesday: DISCUSSION

Friday, May 03: FINAL (10:00am – 12:00pm)

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