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Please prepare an analysis of this case. Your write-up should be 4 to 7 pages. Each of the following questions should be addressed individually:

1. What are the impacts of the internet on the competitive landscape of corporate banking? (Hint: use Porters 5 forces)

2. What has Citibank done to differentiate its e-business products from those of its competitors?

3. What can Citibank do to create competitive advantages?

4. How has Citibank successfully converted its traditional money management business into an e-business? During the process of transforming traditional assets to digital assets, what issues should a company like Citibank take into account to ensure successful implementation?

5. What actions has Citibank taken to serve the needs of two very different market segments, MNCs and SMEs?

6. How has Citibank’s Cash and Trade Group managed to develop different e-business products for varied industries? With the market changing so rapidly, how does Citibank identify market needs?

7. One of Citibank’s challenges is in managing vendors and suppliers without allowing them to exploit its clients. How does Citibank protect its clients from its strategic partners?

8. Prepare a SWOT analysis to evaluate Citibank’s e-business strategy.

9. How does this case demonstrate the alignment of an e-business strategy with a company’s overall business strategy?

10. Beyond the case: Citbank has hit hard times in the last several years. Do you think the strategy described in this case helped in the decline or was this a bright spot? Explain your answer.

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