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Strengths And Weaknesses Essay Sample

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Strengths And Weaknesses Essay Sample

Taneshia has the potential to be a very good candidate for the company. She is African American which works well with the direction the company is trying to go. She has worked for the company for 3 years and has her bachelor’s degree in health administration and is registered record administrator with a minor in human resources management. Her roll currently is the director of health information management systems and has done well in her job. She was able to increase the reimbursement figures by implementing electronic medical records. She is very good with technology and keeps up to date with all the latest advances. She is entrepreneurial and innovative. Unfortunately she is also pompous and overly opinionated. She feels like no one knows as much as she does especially in her field. It doesn’t seem like she has a good reputation with the employees but despite this her employees have done better and their goals are being met.

There was also an incident involving her that even though there was no improper conduct proven, there was question as to her reporting methods and how accurate they were. On the plus side she has created a strong relationship with the physicians by giving them with detailed peer comparison statistics. She is married with no plans for children and she is willing to work any hours necessary to get the job done but has shown no desire to pursue a further degree. Felipe is Hispanic which works towards our goal of reaching a new ethnic back ground in the neighborhood. He is 29 and has worked for us for the last 5 years. Starting directly out of college he was able to work his way to director of community outreach. He currently has his bachelor’s in health administration and has just finished his master’s in business administration. Felipe has done well with marketing and contracting for the company.

He has great negotiating skills, understands contracts and is good with people. Has no employees directly reporting to him but he has shown interest in moving into operations as his next step in our company. He has expressed increased interest on taking on directing and managing employees and is ready for the added responsibility. He does have a professional look and is well like by both the Center, in the community and has improved the Center’s reputation in the surrounding neighborhoods with his involvement and engaging personality. It has recently come to the company’s attention however that he has a problem with being overly popular with the ladies. Despite the trust in him there have been rumors that he was attending MBA classes while on the job and did not get permission to do so. Although showing initiative is a good quality, lying to get ahead and costing the company money is not. Not married and is willing to put in the hours. Amanda is our last candidate and is Caucasian which may cause some friction reaching out to the new ethnic communities in the surrounding neighbor hoods.

She is 45 and has worked for the Center for 10 years. Worked her way up to office manager where she is currently overseeing varied group of workers ranging from receptionists to billing clerks. She has a bachelor’s degree in health administration. Seems highly motivated. Well-liked by her employees and has increased reimbursement for the Center. She has proven to be uncomfortable working with people of different ethnicity background causing friction newer hires. She is aware of the problem and has been working on correcting it. Being overly assertive and aggressive has caused complaints from both employees and patients alike. Due to her family lifestyle she is unable to pursue her Master’s degree and rarely works past her 40 hours. *Note* Rachel strongly feels like despite his cocky attitude towards women Felipe deserves the position as he understands the idea of community and how important it is to the Center.

The idea is to find someone who is going to be able to fill the shoes of the administrator and find a way to reach out to the community and show them that we are not geared directly to the older crowd. Ethnicity is key and he already has good standing due to his personal charm with the surrounding neighbor hoods. The other candidates would need to take time to get out there and make a reputation that people are going to trust. With Felipe the leg work is already done so the company could start gearing advertising right away.

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