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You have unexpectedly lost your job due to layoffs at your company. You are the sole provider of income for your family. You are worried about how you will pay your bills and support your family during this time.

Write 150 to 200 words describing how stress can affect you physically and mentally, and which coping strategies you may use to work through this situation.

Stress can greatly affect your body both physically and mentally. Physically stress can lead to headaches, tiredness, upset unsettled stomach, it can place strain on your heart and lead to major cardiovascular problems, stress can also make your body apper haggard and tired. The mental implications of stress are just as serious as the physical; stress can develop psychological problems including anxiety depression heightened anger and frustration.

In the scenario above, the automatic response of most individuals is to stress out over loosing your job, expecially if this is the only income your family depends on. The first coping strategy I would use would be optimism, keeping firm belief that the loss of my job was based on layoffs and not personal ability or inadequacy, I would consider this as a time of reflection and possible positive change. I would reach out for social support, in my family friends and government, I would ensure I kept my body well fueled and ensure I use relaxation skills to keep calm cool and collected. I would work hard to build my psychological hardiness, and commit to finding a new job and control my abaility to find another.

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