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Stress Processing Report Essay Sample

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Stress Processing Report Essay Sample

In my stress processing report I will discuss the three areas of greatest need, which are my lowest scores on the SPR circumplex. The SPR circumplex consist of four clusters: Goals, Self, Others and Process. Under these headings we have styles and for Goals we have: Satisfaction, Directedness, Expectations and Future view. Under self we have: Growth, Effectiveness, Self-Image, past view, Control and Approval. Next we have others: Inclusions, Interpersonal, Intimacy, and Trust. Finally, we have Process: Receptiveness, Synergy, Cooperation, Time Orientation, and Time Utilization. After, careful reviews of all nineteen domains’, the result of my three difficulty areas are as follows: under process cluster with the style past view at the ninth percentile score and considered negative. The second cluster is under self and gives the style control which, is at the fifteenth percentile and considered external. Then my third cluster is process and the style that falls under this is the time orientation at the ninth percentile. To my understanding time orientation is something that pressures you. The key behavior with the cluster process is the style time orientation and equates to being harried, hurry when it is not necessary, and communicate poorly.

For example communicating poorly is one of my biggest falters. With this I think genetics is big parts that play in this behavior. With the style control the behaviors include, being dependent on others for direction, Believe in chance, luck, fate, and destiny. How interesting a how much I agree with this one. I feel that I am what I have listed above and do not sound so good. Finally, we have the behavior that is under past view results in seldom change, don’t have much fun, resent things about the past, avoids risks, dull and goes by the rules. This I also agree with as some of my behaviors. Yes, I agree that the results that relate to my SPR report real and are very important. The most important thing is to make a change in those areas of the domain. I think the domain that needs most attention at this point is the time orientation. I know that I am unable to change any genetic makeup but I could make a change in being able to communicate by being less shy and learn to be assertive. I feel that I lost touch with this aspect. I am trying to think of how that could have happened. I think communications is so important since I deal with people every day.

I think with communication, I am more afraid of saying the wrong thing so I end up refraining from my freedom of speech. The steps I need to take to improve in these areas for past view are to be willing to take risk. Also to try new experiences, one day at a time or one week at a time. For time orientation I would take the necessary step to list the steps necessary to complete the task, are there any steps to delegate and make the task more enjoyable. One focused behavior I have been thinking of while working on this project relates to time orientation. With this I would take up a yoga course to help in controlling my thoughts and possibly start an exercise regime. With past view I would have to learn to open up to someone and let go of the past. That way the rejected part of my self could be whole again. Since control is a part of past view and they both fall under the cluster self which results in an external control. With this I would mostly focus my time to situate to take under my control, and to always confront the person who is undermining me.


Copyright 1994, 2013 Human Synergistics, Inc. All Rights Reserved ,Human Synergistics’ Internet edition of the Stress Processing ReportTM (SPR). http://www.survey-server2.com/spruniversity-sso/spr_report.asp.

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