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Struggles of King Louis IX Essay Sample

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Struggles of King Louis IX Essay Sample

The Seventh Crusade Alexis Behnke 11-13-1 War. When we think of it we usually dont think of something that is approved of the people. Its a situation in which people want it to end so that their loved ones can come home. But with these eight wars that occurred in the middle ages, the pope approve them-well not all of them-for the sake of Jerusalem-The Holy Land. This crusade though like the fifth crusade, but unlike the rest was not approved by the pope. This crusade was started by King Louis IX of France. Who now is a catholic saint.

Below you will learn the struggles of King Louis IX and his men getting to Jerusalem, the winning of the fort of al-Mansurah, and King Louis being captured and his men dying of the plague. King Louis IX started the war after the Mamluks overtook Jerusalem-in 1244. In 1245 King Louis IX raised money from the Catholic Church and then sailed to Cyprus-1248. After arriving in Cyprus he took over took Damietta, Egypt. Now having Damietta Louis decided to try and overtake Cario, but they were unable to do so for many months because, the time in which they arrived to Egypt the Nile River was flooding.

But after the Nile was done flooding the men tried to over take the city and did not succeed. After one defeat King Louis and some of his men decided that they needed to overtake the fort of the city of al-Mansurah. This city was proven to be a city that would help them overtake Jerusalem. But an obstacle that they had was crossing over the Nile River. They tried and failed multiple times at building a pontoon bridge ( HYPERLINK http//www. historylearningsite. co. uk www. historylearningsite. co. uk).

But finally after many failed attempts they succeeded. They arrived at the fort of al-Mansurah and a war broke out on February 8, 1250. Sadly during this battle Louis brother died, but Louis was declared the winner of the battle. But with all the fighting they had done, along with building a pontoon bridge, and having a small amount of food left. The men fighting for King Louis IX wanted to go home. Still with his heart set on conquering Jerusalem Louis decided to retreat back to Damietta with all of his men.

Many of the men fighting with Louis have become ill with the plague and died. So with the weak troops before they arrived back at Damietta the Egyptian armies took hostage King Louis IX and his some of his top men in the army. With a large amount of money the French were able to free their Louis. But now he was out of money to conquer Jerusalem, but despise it all he went to Acre with his wife, and the rest of his troops. Despite what the men from the troops wanted, Louis decided not to go back to France.

After four years of hard work and no fighting King Louis IX made negotiations with surrounding cities which earned him alliances. Even though he never had the chance to conquer the city of Jerusalem he did have the chance to protect the city of Syria. But after a few years King Louis IX and everyone with him went back to France when he heard of his mothers death and he needed to become the new king of France. Something that I find inspirational about King Louis IX was that he went through so many struggles, he won, he lost, he was captured, and so much more.

But through it all he stayed strong and tried to achieve his goal of saving Jerusalem. Would you have that kind of dedication to God


Cover photo from HYPERLINK http//www. wikiart. org/en/francesco-hayez/the-seventh-crusade-against-jerusalem http//www. wikiart. org/en/francesco-hayez/the-seventh-crusade-against-jerusalem Paper information HYPERLINK http//www. historyforkids. org/learn/medieval/history/latemiddle/seventhcrusade. htm http//www. historyforkids. org/learn/medieval/history/latemiddle/seventhcrusade.htm

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