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Hampton University’s Student Grievance Procedure for Non-Academic Matters is a quite simple procedure put in place to resolve student problems and issues in a proficient and fair way. If any Hampton University student had an issue with school policy, a professor, staff member, or anything else that is non-academic related they have the opportunity to file a complaint and follow the steps to insure that they’re complaint gets fixed. First the student needs to start at the source of the problem. If the issue is with one of the staff members or school policy, they can always start with the Dean of Women or Dean of Men. The next thing to do is to schedule a conference with the individual responsible and their direct supervisor. During the meantime they should write a brief summary about the issue and forward a copy to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Inman. Throughout the conference they should state the issue clearly and the outcome of the conference is determined by the supervisor, who will then forward their decision to Dr. Inman. If they problem is not resolved to the student’s standards they proceed to step two in the grievance procedure.

Step two is to schedule a second conference, but now with the department’s administrative head. Before the conference send a written brief summary of the issue to the head. If after the conference the problem is still not resolved in a manner in which the student does not agree, they can schedule a meeting with Dean of Women or Men to clearly state the issue and maybe a way they want the outcome to be determined. If the problem still is not resolved up to the student’s standards they can have a meeting with the appropriate Vice President or Supervisor over the office that the issue with. If the matter still is not handled, the student can then state their problem with the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Inman and her decision will determine the final resolution of the issue. On a personal level, I honestly wished that I had known and followed this procedure when I faced an issue with one of the Harvey B. William Library staff members. With the student grievance procedure I would have been able to express my issue respectfully and get the matter resolved in a deferential manner and it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

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