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Student Life Essay Sample

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Student Life Essay Sample

Did anyone one of you people felt like you changed a lot when you set your foot in your engineering career???hope you did….did you ever thought of a reason why it happens.if not,lets have a quick start with what we call the relation between students and parents.as we know that each and every person passes through three stages of life,childhood,teenage and oldage.we learn about the world we live in during our childhood.or most probably I should say that we get an idea about the world around us,also we learn the basics.oldage is the time we get relieved from our duties.it’s the time when we get experienced,but of all odds,we retire from the world.a bit humorous is’nt it!!!.But teenage…..if you’re expecting me to explain it in a sentence,forget it.that’s what im going to concentrate further. According to a well known literate,teenage is stated as the part of your life where you are not a child anymore,as well as a grownup.its the time when you enter into the world,you get to know what to do,goals to reach and the ways to reach,making new friends,and the world starts to recognize that you’re not a child anymore,ofcourse it’s difficult to adapt with the changes that happen with the society as they treat you as a grownup…speaking frankly,one will find it confusing.

Also it’s the time when we have sort of stress about our future,what to study,which branch to choose.so they will be under a lot of stress,also pressure for parents becomes a factor.but there is a good chance that youth gets addicted towards bad habits and destroy their future.this happens mainly in teenage.we can also justify by the fact that the sudden exposure to such freedom drags them into such a state that they become completely helpless in deciding what is good and what is’nt. As they grow up,they spend time with likeminded people(whom we call as friends ) rather than parents.because they face such problems which thay are unable to share with their parents.so they feell free by sharing with friends.but what if the same friends are the reason for the problem.so they get fussy on parents one parent sadly tells what his son said, “There’s no point in talking to you: you don’t understand me. You don’t even know me.”this surely must have hurted him.who can withhold such words from their own kin.but in this case,these words spilling out of his/her child doesn’t mean that they hate their parents,its probably an outburst of emotions.they don’t know a way to express their emotions,or a problem that’ve been tormenting them.so they yell at their parents,if they asked about anything.

To make sure about the one I felt,I enquired (or may be I should say ‘I interviewed’) few of the people I know so that I can get an ideo on their mindset.but as I proceeded into it I came to know that students are not experienced that they are like…take it easy.meanwhile parents,theyare too experienced that they stress on only the academics and not anything other than that. These are probably the reason why students get into a quarrel with their parents: We cant share all our problems with parents,they would’nt understand that They don’t take few of our problems seriously,they feel it as a kind of a joke. They don’t understand us,but they always quarrel amon them,this make me mentally disturbed.

They feel like if we scored less,or even failed in a subject or two,we are useful for nothing. They often think about my marks rather than my feelings and emotions,Comparind with my friends in academics feels like Hell to me Always lecturing about importance of education as if they know everything I saw few parents who feel that friends are a headache and a waste of time. These are few lines I heard from few teenagers.for just a minute,if we forget about who we are and assume yourself im the place of parents.and think about your kids,definitely one feels like their own kin should be on the top.these are few of my experiences that I’ve collected from parents,and elder people who are experienced: we know the value of life,unexperienced students don’t know how to set it on the right track friends may be good or bad.bad friendship leads to ruining of their lives teenage is the important part of our life where we make most of our crucial decisions about life I want my kids to be successful in life they speak like they know everything,not well experienced at this age,they are more easily drawn towards bad  we cant simply justify this because all the arguments from both paents and students are considerable.

Also we can blame neither parents nor students for this.my suggestion is that for parents,don’t think that making a wrong move will throw them out of the game,it is well known that one mistake teaches us more rather than a right thing done.and for students,take your mistakes as another opportunity to learn.every one knows about Thomas alwa Edison,he’s the inventor of a light bulb.without him,we couldn’t have developed to such an extent.even he himself failed in 99 attempts,but his 100 th attempt was successful.it is noticeable that he not only found a way to light a bulb,but also found 99 ways in which a bulb doesn’t work.thats the power of positive thinking!.and I would also like to tell :Every person mourns about the thing that had happened already, afterall we cant turn back time right!!!. He who realises it before and corrects himself will be the king of the world.

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