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Student Politics Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

From my point of view Student Politics Should Be Banned because it’s harmful for study and other people indeed. Student’s first duty is to acquire knowledge. They have to study and study for a better result. Politics only kill their valuable time. Many brilliant students are spoiled by politics. It is not necessary at all. To know what is good for our country we do not need to do politics. It is only making student life hell. Students are always aware of present facts and ready to protest any illegal deeds. But student politics make them slaves to the corrupted political leaders.

Now-a-days politics are about power, money and terrorism. It’s not genuine politics. To me genuine politics is social activism, civic duty and monetary justice. Is this kind of politics active on campus? No. Now student politics are only for supporting a political team, not for the development of the country. The Students do whatever they said from the high command of the team they support. They waste their time in doing stupid things like occupying halls or fighting with one another to be the only power of the campus. So simply they don’t have time for study and

for this reason when the exam is nearby they agitate to postpone the exam date. They can successful

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to do this because they have political support, but they never think about the other students who are prepare for the exam. They have to suffer without any fault but politicians have no time to think about them .

Students show their interest in politics because no educational degree is required to be a political leader. And it’s easy for a politician to become rich by corruption. So first they become a student leader and then they want to be the leader of the nation. But their process is awful. We know no one can be a good leader by threaten people but the politicians don’t know that. So they threaten people and use firearm to occupy anything.

It’s a common scene on campus that the students of different political teams are fighting with one another using firearms and sharp tools. They easily can kill their opponent if ordered so. Actually it’s not only risky for their own life but also for the other innocent students. For example we can say that , Sony, a meritorious student of BUET was killed in crossfire during a gunfight between two political teams.

Our question is why our students handle arms instead of pen? The only reason is- our politicians are using student politics to secure their power and chair.

Parents save their hard earnings for the study of their kids. They think that their child will be a great person someday. But when the students become cadre to meet the selfish desire of the politicians they don’t think about their parents’ expectation.

But it must be stopped. Today’s student will lead the country in future. So they have to be well educated. A well educated person must have morality and he can easily understand what is good and what is bad for the country.

I simply want to say that, Student Politics Should Be Banned and they should focus on study, nothing else.


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