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Student Population and Trends in Australia’s Market Essay Sample

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Student Population and Trends in Australia’s Market Essay Sample

1. Examine the data available on the above websites.

2. Rank the overall students populations and trends in Australia’s market and at least two others (UK and US).

The table above shows 2005 to 2012 number of total international students and number of Indian students in Australia. From 2005 to 2009 number of total international students and number of Indian students increased steadily. From 2009 to 2012, there was a steady decrease in total international students and number of Indian students

The table above shows 2005 to 2011 number of total international students and Indian students in UK. After 2009 Number of Indian students starts to climb dramatically.

The table above shows 2005 to 2011 number of total international students and number of Indian students in USA. At this period number of international students and number of Indian Students slight increased.

3. Use either measures of central tendency or dispersion and / or correlations between sets of data to interpret trends and their potential impact on the industry. Dependence refers to any statistical relationship between two random variables or two sets of data. Correlation refers to any of a broad class of statistical relationships involving dependence. The word Correlation is made of Co- (meaning “together”), and Relation Correlation is Positive when the values increase together, and Correlation is Negative when one value decreases as the other increases In that case I will analyze few statistics on how many international students have studied in (AU, U.K, and U.S.) from year to year. And second, will analyze how many Indian students have studied in the countries mentioned above, between the year of and the year. As we can see the result of my analysis shows that there is a correlation. The result of my analysis shows that the correlation between Australia-USA and Australia-the UK about the Indian students is negative, because with this research we found out that the percentage of Indian students coming to Australia has decreased in the last few years but has grown in the same percentage in USA, and the UK so it’s a fact that the problem is between India and Australia cause international students still coming to Australia and Indian students still going out from India to study aboard.

Students from India|
Year| 2005| 2006| 2007| 2008| 2009| 2010| 2011|
Australia| 20515| 22357| 24523| 26520| 26573| 20429| 14091| United Kingdom| 37387| 43224| 53714| 58903| 76471| 85757| 86644| United States| 84044| 79219| 85687| 94664| 101563| 101563| 101909| | Australia| United Kingdom| United States|

Australia| 1| | |
United Kingdom| -0.327478073| 1| |
United States| -0.186543711| 0.940708587| 1|

4. Perform qualitative analysis of comparative market information as the basis for reviewing the industry’s performance. We collected data from internet forums and student’s blogs; we have got 60 comments 20 comments for each country. (USA, UK and Australia) those review are positive negative and neutral. We used simple random sampling technique for sample design. (A randomly selected sample from a larger sample or population, giving all the individuals in the sample an equal chance to be chosen. In a simple random sample, individuals are chosen at random and not more than once to prevent a bias that would negatively affect the validity of the result of the experiment.) I’ve got 8 random samples of the 60 comments:

5. Prepare, plot and interpret the data from the survey for visual presentation. Select and use tools that are appropriate, for example, Excel
spreadsheet or similar. As we can see I’ve got 4 positive, 3 negative and 1 neutral comments, showing that most students are happy with their experience of studying at some of the analyzed country. As we can see I’ve got 4 positive, 3 negative and 1 neutral comments, showing that most students are happy with their experience of studying at some of the analyzed country. Kind of comment| random selection (comment number)|

POS| 7|
NEG| 12| POS| 4|
POS| 18| NEG| 3|
POS| 21| NEU| 1|
NEG| 34|
NEU| 45|
NEG| 48|
POS| 58|

6. Forecast Indian student numbers and destinations.
We can see the number of Indian students going to Australia, UK and US from 2012 to 2017 (Was forecast using the Regression Data Analysis in Excel spread sheet.)

(See comments in ponit 8)

7. Analyse the market performance of competitors countries to identify potential opportunities or threats to the organization.

| AU| UK| USA|
S| -“The strength of Australia’s economy has been highlighted in recent years by its ability to withstand a number of internal and external events, including a major drought, a housing boom and the Asian financial and economic crises.”(About Australia) -Beautiful land, peaceful, democratic place to live, safe, freedom country.| -An Historic Land, Democratic and safe place to live, Good quality of education,Travel both within the UK and to the rest of Europe during your free time. Internationally Recognized Courses & Qualifications.-Leading global trading nation – The United Kingdom is the second largest exporter and third largest importer of commercial services. | -Democratic place to live, multicultural population, freedom country.-Cheap energy source.-Diverse business.| W| -Long way away, visa laws. Flooding almost every three years.-Enforcement of environmental and economic laws and regulations.| -Strong English accent, rainy weather.-7.9% unemployment rate.| -Natural disasters.-Expensive accommodation.-Health care cost.

| O| -Discount for students (go card), better marketing.Australia has a business-friendly regulatory environment. -“According to the World Bank, Australia is the fastest place in the world in which to start a business, with regulatory procedures taking just two days”.| -Healthcare for the Duration of Study.-Very easy to start a business – It takes about thirteen days to set up a business in the UK. The UK is fifth in the world as the easiest place to operate a business.| -Currently many international students are seeking for good employment opportunities in USA.“American Dream”International Education Financial Aid.| T| -Unemployment rate increasing, inflation,water shortage, strong currency have pushed the trade deficit up in recent years-Drought, robust import demand, and a strong currency have pushed the trade deficit up in recent years.| -Economic crisis ,Crime increasing(London).-UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world.| -Economic crisis ,Highest crime rate than UK and AUSAttacks of terrorist.|

8. Write a report on your findings.

With the results of data analysis done before, I discovered that the last few years has reduced the number of Indian students in Australia, for different reasons such as: (the recent events), economic stability, culture, etc.. And I noticed that in USA and UK has increased the number of Indian students and also around the world, for the same reasons.

My conclusion is that Australian market position with India it is being affected by the events that occurred, giving a bad reputation to Australia as a destination for Indian students. Favoring this to other countries, such as USA and UK.

Australia Comments
* “I came to Australia one year ago for the first time to travel and visit friends. I fall in love with the country and decided to spend more time here and see if I could find my way to settle down for the future. I am a professional graphic designer and I am at the moment working as free-lance for Australians company”. (Laura Lombardi, Italy) * “What I enjoyed most was gaining a global understanding of business. Each subject, assignment, class discussion, was framed in the international context. My tutors and classmates from different parts of the world taught me how to see things from a wider perspective and how to approach problems from different angles. They shared not only their knowledge, but also their experiences. “I enjoyed the atmosphere of Australia; it’s a place that makes a difference. During my two years of study and living in Sydney, I always felt respected, included and valued for my international perspective. It is a great feeling to be a part of this great country.” (Aleksandra S., Poland) * “I feel that I’ve received the best education, not only in terms of academic knowledge but also life and people skills. Australia is a very exciting and challenging place to be.

“Australian education teaches student independence—that is one quality which makes it stand out from the rest of the world. Most companies will view Australian graduates as independent and outgoing” (Ameer, Bahrain) * “Coming from a third-world country, I had serious apprehensions about adjusting to a new environment. However, due to friendly and vibrant culture of Australia, I felt nothing but welcomed. Australian universities pay special attention to assisting international students adjusts into the Australian culture. From finding accommodation to choosing the university courses to travelling through the country during semester breaks, I was provided with appropriate guidance at every point” (Amna Pervez, Pakistan) * “Spending a semester in Australia was the best decision I ever made, which is why I chose to extend my time abroad for a whole year. I chose to study there for so many reasons: their advancement in sustainability, the unique culture, climate, flora and fauna, and the great things I heard about all of the people there.

I had so many amazing experiences during my time in Australia — going to footy games and music festivals, sailing the Whitsundays, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, tramming all around Melbourne, becoming addicted to Melbourne coffee, learning the local slang, and of course eating Vegemite — which I loved!” (Casey Wilen, USA) * “My trade is in Information Technology (I.T.) with 18 years’ experience and a doctorate in computer science under my belt. Australia is a bloody tough country to live in, and it is only getting harder by the week. Food, Electricity, gas, water, house rates, cars, houses, taxes are all continually rising. For me, “the great Australian Dream” turned out to be a nightmare. That’s why I and my family will be leaving this country and returning back to Ireland. Ireland is in a recession; at least they have a reason for struggling. Australia largely missed the GFC and yet the struggle to live here is increasing all the time” (JonBoy, Ireland) * “When you are studying during the day or working, in Australia is a little bit difficult to do your daily shopping. Because the shops are only open from 9 am until 5 pm.

The class finishes at 3:15 in the afternoon. So there isn’t much time for to buy daily stuff. when you arrive, you realise that the cost of life here is too expensive. You can’t imagine, how much the medical issues cost. You must have good health insurance. Living in Australia obliges you to change your food habits, unless you don’t miss your own fruit and products, all food tastes very different.” (Pedro, Brazil) * “Good, because you can met Friendly people, not much predjudice.” (Ryo) * “Good, nice country, friendly people ,beautiful.” (Katia) * “ok, expensive rent and food , not convenient transport” (Jung) * “I don’t like, more expensive than other countries.” (Jay) * “I don’t like, I hate the transport ,hard to meet aussie people.” (TK) * “I like, not many Brazilians, good transport.” (Daniel) * “I like study here, different cultures , good education.” (Boshan) * “Bad, Brasil is better because less time studying to learn more.” (Luiza) * “For me is the same, Study is the same everywhere.” (Gustavo) * “Great, modern, nice people, strong economy ,good weather.” (Miguel) * “Great, modern, nice people, strong economy ,good weather.” (Fernando) * “not good, too easy to study and too expensive.” (Karina) * “good, visa allows to study and work.” (Carolina)

UK Comments
* “Overall, it was an incredible experience. Opens the mind, broadens the horizon, appreciate many different points of views. In fact, just not being the majority changes your perspective. Imagine an asian in a class of ang-mohs.”(Guitar) * “Top UK Universities will break many students and only the best will graduate with firsts.” (MartinMorrison) * “Top Unis in the UK really are more easy to get into than US universities.” (ukmed108) * “Cambridge is the best in the world, beats any US uni.” (GeneralOJB) * “For American schools you are accepted and then you choose a major. In the UK you apply for that specific major. The US wants well roundedness whereas the UK “ (ukmed108) * “I would study in US.” (Skits)

* “The US education system is a joke.” (SleepySheep)
* “The minimum for applying from the British is a First or good Upper Second.” (Zilch) * “In the UK is more competitive.” (KingUncaged1)
* “It is too expansive.” (Escallanio)
* “I have been a student for 3 years now in Bristol on a 4 year Marketing Degree. I am currently on a year out in industry and would recommend a student placement to anyone who is considering it. The years experience has really enhanced my CV and not just increased my chances of starting a successful career after university, but I have also gained a greater focus to go back to my final year and achieve a better mark.” (Sean21) * “British Universities are essentially industrial parks, and they will cull most of the undergraduates before they reach the stage of doing something the university considers valuable.” (Observatory)

US Comments
* “The universities in USA are very expensive, don’t go there if you don’t have the money. Going in debt also is a really really really bad idea! Don’t do it! You can find some good universities in less developed countries that have much cheaper tuition . I’d recommend Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary. They are connected to American universities like Rochester Institute of Technology but they are cheaper.” (DonaMatz, http://www.internationalstudentforum.com). * “If you really want to attend an American University the best place to prepare is The University Of English. Their University Prep Plus program helped get me into schools have changed and now apply. Schools Like Harvard and Penn offer full financial aid to international students. The Program at The University Of English is highly regarded and comes with a money back guarantee. If your really serious about Changing your future you should start with them. They helped me.” (dwaine18, http://www.internationalstudentforum.com).

* “I just want to suggest that any young foreign student who would like to begin their studies in the USA should look into community colleges in the state where they want to study. In many cases it is cheaper and better than signing up for an English Second Language program at a four year university.” (Pittsburgh Joe, http://www.internationalstudentforum.com) * “Depending on what country you are coming from, there are probably some US colleges or universities that might consider you with just “O” levels, as long as you have good academic subjects with good marks, but you would need to check with each individual college or university that you are considering to see what they will require.” (crawleyj, http://www.internationalstudentforum.com) * “The USA seems to be the epicenter of trade in the West and a degree from one of their Ivy league Colleges is recognized all over the world. Besides, a lot of people want to work in the USA and I think that studying there makes it easier.” (KieranB, http://www.internationalstudents.net) * “the most common reason why foreign people study in US I think it could just be the fact that many of them are involved in an exchange program with the U.S. This helps cut the cost of studying abroad for the U.S. citizens as well as the non-U.S. students.” (Elise, http://www.internationalstudents.net)

* “Apparently, for the people in the world who like the United States, this country also seems to represent power and status.” (Erik, http://www.internationalstudents.net) * “There are schools in the US that are better than schools in the UK, and schools in the UK that are better than ones on the other side. I guess a country can’t have “generally” better schools than another, as there will always be some schools that stand out. I mean, the Oxford University is one of the best schools around!! But yeah, the US do have alot of really good schools. You should find a list over university/college rankings! Good luck!” (forever, http://www.city-data.com) * “If you want to study in the US, I would recommend somewhere in the Northeast USA (NYC,Boston,Washington DC) Not only are they very diverse, world class cities, but they also have some of the best universities in the country and world. The cost of living is generally high, but so are many big cities in Europe. If you wanna live somewhere with better weather, San Franisco is also a good pick.

I don’t know how good the colleges in Miami are, but I would venture to say they are not on the level as the ones in the cities I just mentioned. Same thing Los Angeles, great city, but not exactly known for it’s education.” (jmusmc85, http://www.expat-blog.com) * “I was an International Student at the University of North Carolina 5 years ago and I don’t think I experienced any major culture shocks. By nature of American culture being such a dominant part of the global culture I think you walk into it with your eyes fairly open. Also, I lived on campus and I was surrounded by liberal, well educated, fairly well travelled individuals who were all intrigued and excited to learn about people from other cultures. The major difference is that it’s not as academically rigorous at the undergrad level in America and students take a wider range of subjects. There’s also a level of informality that’s not typical of the European uni experience both in terms of relationships with lecturers and the general dress code i.e., students turning up to class in pyjama bottoms.

There are other minor differences like having to share with a roommate and not cooking for yourself when you’re living on campus but that is part of the fun. I had an excellent experience with the International Office at the Uni of North Carolina who were timely in setting us up with bank accounts, information, cultural events, etc. We were also given a lot of support throughout the year from the International Office and had no problems in leaving the Country and going home for holiday’s etc.” (Tomato Tomatoe, http://www.expat-blog.com) * “I have been an international student in the US for nearly two years. I did not experience cultural shocks, but it was a bit annyoning when americans assumed you knew everything about their culure. I wish I had known that education would cost me the annual income of the average american. The quality was not that great and I felt like overpaying for learning most of what I have already learned in high school. I did not like the laws and rules. Speeding tickets do not exist where I’m from and the drinking age is only 16.

The tuition fees where ridicoulous, car insurance very expensive and paying for my health insurance was a rip off. I was paying over a thousand for my health insurance per year and one day I had a stye in my eye. My insurance would not cover medications; CVS & Walgreens asked me to pay over a hundred for a stye ointment. Even if the academic experience was not that great meeting other international students from all around the world, speaking to them using their native language was a very nice eperience.” (laringueeoe, http://www.internationalstudentforum.com) * “Living is really expensive in the US. During my semester abroad I spent ~500$ for the apartment I shared with a roommate. For food you can calculate the same as in Greece.Well, and tuition fees… I hope you have a scholarship.” (msarsch, http://www.internationalstudentforum.com) * “‘In the USA study higher is quite expensive and I will suggest you to have some good financial resource in order to study in USA. Also apply for the scholarship if you do not have here.” (cugar, http://www.usatoday.com)

* “I learned how to adapt to a different society and how to communicate more effectively,” (Vessela Velinova, http://www.usatoday.com) * “I wanted to experience the American educational methodology and besides this, the college lifestyle which has a lot of different things that my university does not have, such as dorms and fraternities,” (Jose Saldana, http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk) * “Universities in America have a lot more scholarships than we do, because the fees are so much higher than ours. Some are open to international students – your best bet is to decide on some universities you like and contact them individually to ask if you could apply for any (not yet, you don’t need to worry about details at the moment). If you encounter financial problems, a much cheaper way to do it is to study at a UK university which offers a year abroad in America.” (Tory88, http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk)

* “The funny thing about US college funding is that you can usually only get it after you’ve secured a place on the course. So start by finding a college/course you like, apply, then ask the college about funding for the course. This may seem bizarre but it’s incredibly common for students to drop out of courses after they’ve be unable to find funding.” (Calpurnia, http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk) * “What might be better for you would be to take a course in the UK and participate in an exchange. Although this would be a shorter experience, it may make more sense than shooting for speculative scholarships etc etc” (Lane, http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk) * “Most American universities do not offer need-based financial aid to international students, only merit based. The ones who do often offer very limited numbers. The exceptions to this rule – schools that provide full need-based aid to all students, including international – tend to be the schools with more prestige/larger endowments, e.g. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, etc.” (Lencias, http://www.usatoday.com)

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