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Student Should Have Homework Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Many A students may not need homework but what about college applications they are handy there since many good colleges are trying to decide between two students and will look at the homework load. Colleges have huge workloads to see if the student is able to handle they may look at homework. Homework isn’t always neccessary, but we should have it. Homework is good because it gives children practice on the subject. Kids can be lazy. If they aren’t doing their homework, they most likely aren’t looking and reviewing notes, either. If all kids had the drive or passion for school and learning as they should, then they would pay attention, take notes, and review the notes, but that isn’t likely, so we are stuck with giving out homework.

The overwhelming amounts of homework isn’t necessary though. Most students feel as though homework is some sort of punishment, however in reality it’s just the opposite. It’s an opportunity to go over anything that may have seemed unclear in class or a chance to practice exercises that enable you to better understand the information. In grade school I could understand not overloading a first grader with four hours of homework, however for a college student and possibly even for some high school classes it’s extremely important to study and devote time outside of class to learning the information.

Homework helps students both in

side and outside the class. Homework reinforces the students’ understanding of what was taught

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in class. Along with that, homework is a valuable tool for the teacher. It give the teacher an opportunity to measure her students’ academic success and knowledge. For example, a teacher cannot review 75 math problems in class. But, by giving each student 20 problems for homework, the teacher can ensure herself that her students understand the concepts. If anyone has any questions, the students can ask her and she will explain it the next day. This way, she can spend more time teaching. Homework also steps away from school. Homework teaches responsibility. Coming home from school everyday and having to do homework makes students less forgetful because it creates a routine for them. It’s just like doing chores at home. homework should not be eliminated, because it compels the student to focus and create his or her own thought processes.

Performing work in school invariably has a time limit. Students, in an effort to complete an assignment, often give minimal thought to doing a thorough job. Homework allows the student to work at their own pace and, although they might still rush through the assignment, any shortcomings in the outcome of the assignment are either due to negligence, or lack of knowledge. Teachers should be able to recognize the difference, and know where to direct reviews and additional input. By compelling the student to work at their own pace, at home, habits and processes are being created in their thinking that will help them to adjust to the demands of life outside of school.

Both the home and the school should be educating children. I believe that learning is an ongoing process, not something to be confined to a few hours a day. Continuing the education process in the home sends a message to children that the parents feel that their education is important, not something to be put up on a shelf at 3pm. Any message is learned more quickly if the message is consistently given. If nothing else, having homework encourages responsibility. It cements the concepts that were introduced during the day at school, and gives the student to put those concepts into practice and see if everything is really understood or if there are any questions.

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