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 Why do students have a problem taking out the trash? Is it because they are to lazy to, or because they have no desire to be clean. As trash builds up inside of college apartments, so does bacteria. Bacteria can make people sick. Sometimes students feel the stress from their studies and they may not act normal. Perhaps if there were more trashcans around the sidewalks at universities around the country students could dispose of their trash. “College campuses are like small cities or large businesses: they feed and house people, operate offices and facilities, and maintain grounds – using lots of resources and generating waste. In 1992, the 14.5 million students enrolled in colleges and universities across the United States generated roughly 3.7 million tons of waste, or about 2 percent of the US solid waste stream.” ( )That’s a lot of trash. Trash could be considered anything from candy wrappers to empty beer cans or perhaps even the old, ragged, ripped up couch that used to be in the living room.

The students who live on campus (in the dorm rooms and in the local apartment complexes) should have to be evaluated by the RAs (resident advisors) in charge. The RAs could do weekly checks to see if the rooms were up to health standards. Typical health standards relate to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and minimal trash. However, the average student does not have minimal trash. Most students have trash that has been loitering in their living area for more than a week. The easiest way to dispose of that trash is to place the trash into a plastic trash bag, and then proceed to take the trash bag to the nearest dumpster. Besides keeping the door rooms clean, or keeping the apartments “spotless”, students have more important things to do. A perfect example would be their studies. The point of college is to get an education and a student needs to have focus in order to do so. But with college comes time management. It’s hard/ difficult to manage time with partying, sports, and keeping your body healthy all occupying a person’s time. Students become lazy when they fell like their lives are in a routine a simple state when things become repetitive.

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