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Students who are studying in schools and colleges are in the position to perform well in their examinations, assignments, and project works.

In fact each of the above is meant for different applications and they are the tools for testing the academic excellence gained by the student during a particular period. Of course, students are supplied with books for reading and lessons are taught by experienced, talented and able teachers throughout the day in all subjects. However, it is the responsibility of the teaching community to find out the absorption level of each student and the main purpose of bringing the students to the schools and colleges is to impart them education on different subjects.

Examinations are conducted on each subject and during each examination, questions are selected from the topics covered during a specific period and only at the end of any academic year, the entire topics are covered and questions are selected from all topics at random.

The main purpose of allocating any book or subject to the student is to make them study and understand the topics covered in the book and hardly 50 percent of the students understand this concept and they try to read from the initial topic to the final topic. During the course of examinations students are compelled to read the topics chosen for the examinations and in the absence of any examination, the student may not evince any interest in the subject. Students who are good at studies find the examinations as testing tools and they are eager to find out the grades or marks obtained in the test papers and once the corrected answer sheets are given to them, they sit calmly in a place and start finding out the mistakes committed by them when the marks are found to be less. They take time to verify each question and the relevant answers for this purpose. This exercise in turn indicates as to where they had done the mistakes and they decide to avoid such mistakes in future days. This sort of homework is definitely required for each student.

However, some students after verification of marks obtained by them instead of conducting a simple “postmortem” over the questions and answers, put aside the answer sheets somewhere and they are reluctant to conduct a simple homework for analysis of the examination papers.

In order to excel in studies, the following principle is to be well understood by the student as far as examinations are concerned:”Read, write and analyze”. Among the three simple strategies mentioned as above, in case the final strategy is not attempted, the purpose of attending the examination itself will be defeated. As such it is the responsibility of the students to treat the examinations seriously and make use of the examinations well towards improving their academic career in a better manner.


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